Ooma Security System Review

The first reason you need to establish a security system for your home is to ensure your relatives and property are secured.

According to an FBI report, 58.3 percent of burglaries in the United States involved forcible entry. Due to the recent statistics, the average burglary in the United States lasts for about 90 seconds to 12 minutes and, on average, a burglar will break into a home within 60 seconds.

Installing Ooma home security system ensures your home and valuables as well as your family are safe from possible break-ins by burglars.

Very often people do not believe Ooma security system reviews. In order to facilitate the decision making process and equipment for sale, consider several important things to understand why is Ooma a good company to choose for providing wireless security system in your house.

Ooma Security System

What to Consider when Picking a Home Security System

Looking through Ooma home security systems reviews, there is a list of questions most often asked by the potential buyers.

What is needed to set up the system? Do I have to apply to a professional specialist to install it?

You can avoid extra costs for the installation by choosing a ready-made Ooma “in-the-box” DIY system. But remember that a professional can assist you in combining a security system with a common Ooma “smart home” system or other Ooma “smart” subsystems, lighting control or a home audio system.

Should the Ooma System be Expandable?

If so, then you should be able to just add a few, say, sensors or pulse cameras to Ooma system, and not be forced to buy a new system.

Should the Ooma System be Weatherproof?

Those who intend to control their property from the outside should take into account Ooma equipment options associated with extreme weather conditions. This applies to road sensors and cameras, and their mounts and wires as well.

Can I Monitor the Ooma System Remotely?

It is possible to unite your Ooma security system to a smartphone, laptop or computer lets you keep your house or office under the control from anywhere by using any Internet connection. It is significant to remember that the system must be compatible with all remote devices and monitoring system.

Will the Ooma System be Wired or Wireless?

Ooma wireless systems are much simpler to set up, but they have range limitations and are subject to interference. Wired systems are more difficult to install, and are generally preferable for large objects. Wireless devices themselves are usually more expensive than similar wired devices, but they are faster to install. In addition, wireless sensors are generally larger in size because they have an integrated antenna and battery. The communication quality of wireless systems may not be very good for large houses and some structural materials such as metal. In terms of reliability, these systems are approximately the same. The costing of installing wireless and wired sensors is approximately equal. The main thing to consider is that if you are willing your devices to work as a single system, make sure when buying that they all use the same protocol for communication. Or, that your hub will be able to support all the protocols on which your subsystems work.

According to Ooma reviews, a wireless system is an excellent option to choose.

Ooma Security System

What Video Quality Do I Need?

Low-resolution cameras can make you guess what is happening in your home. The high-resolution video will show a clear and detailed picture, including for poor lighting conditions.

Should Your Ooma System See in Darkness?

The quality of the solution and a range of infrared lamas determines how far and how detailed you can see in the dark. Ooma security system is constructed to provide good vision in darkness.

What Else Can be Added to Ooma Security System?

Ooma security system can interact with lighting control, so this option can be used to turn on/blink the light in case of a signal event. You can also use the HVAC shutdown script if the smoke detector triggers. Or the water will automatically shut off if the leak detector trips.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Generally, there are. Many installers see a benefit of the lack of knowledge of the owners and require additional payment for individual works or functions of the system, for example, for organizing remote viewing. Some systems advertised as cheap are often too simplified to work and require additional equipment, the cost of which can be significant. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the hidden costs of maintenance and monitoring of installed systems by special security services. These costs can be significant, but professional monitoring ensures that if necessary, help comes very quickly. Moreover, many insurance companies make discounts on insurance if you possess a security system with professional monitoring.

What Does Ooma Security System Consist Of?

Ooma security system review proves that its availability in a house may deter a criminal from going to break in your home. There are thieves who are bold enough to avert them from doing this, and this will eventually come back to haunt them. Since a properly made security system will report the penetration of the police, they will inform the Ministry of Emergencies, or even neighbors, about the fire if you are in a good relationship with them and agreed to help each other. Due to Ooma security cameras reviews, the system with the help of surveillance cameras will even record criminals when acting and save photos or videos in a place inaccessible to them, for example, in the cloud.

Now let’s look at the key elements of Ooma home security system.

Ooma Security System

Ooma Alarm System Review

The central device of the monitoring service checks the signal before sending a message to the security organization. Generally, the user does not touch this equipment, which is the responsibility of the security system supplier or security organization.

Communications are carried out over the telephone line, via mobile communications or the Internet, or via several channels at once.

Generally, when an alarm, the security company contacts the owner or his authorized representatives to ensure that the signal wasn’t the result of an error by the owner. Only after this, contractual actions are carried out.

The control panel is a hub (central element) of the system that communicates with all devices, such as sensors, a siren, keyboards, a central monitoring system and the Internet. The set of functions depends on the kind of a security system. As a rule, it has an uninterruptible power system that supports operation for 24 hours when the central power supply is turned off. It serves several zones that correspond to a list  of sensors coupled with the security system. Ooma smart home contains a hub that is wirelessly connected to WiFi network in your home, has a keyboard and an alarm/siren system. It is also possible to split the hub and control panel into two devices.

Ooma Sensors for Windows and Doors

These sensors, sometimes called “contacts,” evolve the opening of doors or windows. The system can be programmed so that, for instance, a bell sounds when a window or door is opened when the alarm is turned off. All doors and windows must be protected, including the basement and balcony.

Ooma Locks and Access Control Systems

Ooma locks can be used in conjunction with the intercom, giving the homeowner the opportunity, without leaving home, to carry out video monitoring of the zone in front of the house or on the territory of its site. In addition, there are also the locks with already integrated intercom functions that can be included in a single security system and provide its owner with the ability to remotely control the entrance to the house. Such locks have various access control systems and can be opened using smartphones, special key fobs, by fingerprint and even with the help of a voice command and a secret word.

Ooma Motion Sensors

Ooma motion sensors are passive infrared sensors that capture the heat emitted by a person who has entered a house. Sensors are triggered by heat and movement, and many of them can distinguish a person from an animal by size or weight (on which radiation depends). They also work as presence detectors, which can signal the system to turn off the lights if there is no activity in the room for, say, 15 minutes. Usually, sensors are placed in places through which criminals who have entered the premises must pass.

Ooma Signaling System (Siren)

Most of Ooma sirens have two tones – one for signaling penetration, the second for fire. There are also systems that have a voice warning that lets react faster and more correctly. Ooma siren has a time-out function, for example, after 15 minutes, in case the system cannot do it on its own.

Ooma Keyboards, Touch displays and Applications

These devices allow you to turn on the entire system (activate all connected sensors), only the perimeter (internal sensors are ignored) or various variations, when the owner determines which zones or sensors can be omitted. Due to Ooma smart home reviews, a touch screen can often duplicate a code input keyboard, but as a rule at least one dedicated keyboard panel in a home should be. It is better to be installed in the area which is difficult for the criminal to see the state of the security system through the window (on/off).

As an alternative to the keyboard, biometric devices (triggered by fingerprints), smart card readers, applications on mobile devices, including voice, as well as wireless key fobs like car ones, can be also used.

Ooma Cameras

There are two types of cameras – designed for outdoor use, with night vision, sometimes with frost protection, zoom, swivel and wide field of view, as well as home cameras more alike the conventional webcams, although often with inbuilt detectors of motion and other sensors. Ooma indoor camera can be wired and wireless, but they are a part in the overall system so as to monitor the surrounding space from home, and even better and remotely. Such an option as doorbell camera is also available.

Ooma home automation review shows that it’s security system is suitable for any apartment.

Ooma Security System

Mobile Application for Ooma Smart Security System

Mobile application of Ooma smart security system is considered to be a big advantage. Whether you are in another place for a few hours or go on a long vacation abroad, you don’t need to ask yourself: “How should I get the accession to the monitoring system?”. Believe Ooma home security reviews that a mobile application will provide a picture of what is occurring in your house.

Ooma smart security mobile application options include:

  • Picking various modes for house security just out of the application
  • Turning on the regimes utilizing your GPS location automatically
  • Notifications and access to app can be open for at least 10 members of your family

What’s the Price for Ooma Security System for Home?

Ooma security reviews prove that its price is surprisingly pleasant. Ooma pricing depends on 2 home security system packages:

Start Pack including Sensor of Water

This pack consists of:

  • Ooma Telo
  • Ooma Sensor of Motion
  • Ooma Window/Door Sensors
  • Ooma Sensor of Water

The price is 209.96 USD.

Shipping is free.

Ooma Start Package

This pack includes:

  • Ooma Telo
  • Ooma Sensor of Motion
  • Ooma Sensors of Door and Windows

The price is 179.99 USD.

Shipping is free.

So, with a pleasant Ooma home security price, when monthly fee if negotiated, a complete safeness can be provided for each home.


At the end of Ooma review, it is obviously that Ooma security company is universal and versatile. It is possible to be independently installed and configured to fit your own requirements, expanding the initial basic kit to an advanced security system with dozens of sensors, alarms and cameras. If necessary, Ooma security system can be coupled with the control panel of a security company – when trouble, professionals will quickly respond.

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