Best Home Security For Renters 

What do you pay the most attention to when selecting how to safeguard your rented accommodation? It is absolutely obvious that one of the main priorities is the home security system reliability. However, some crucial characteristics might vary, depending on the status of your place. A renters security system will definitely differ from an advanced security installation of a homeowner:

  • Security systems for rental homes normally don’t require any sort of drilling or other action that modify anything in the house;
  • All the items shall be portable or at least provide easy transportability. If you ever prefer to move to a new home, you just demount the items and move them to your new accommodation;
  • Renters always choose either a shorter commitment or services that don’t involve the commitment singing at all. The causes don’t change: renters cannot forecast when they have to move out;
  • While some people believe that in a rented habitat, cheap security systems for apartments are better, this principle of selection isn’t wise. If you have valuables in the home, you will want to take the required care of them. Thus, a costly but trusted home security monitoring system for renters is a better solution than something cost-efficient.

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Home Security Enterprises For Rented Houses

Based on the comprehensive set of home security characteristics that you might be wishing to get, you need a trusted business. It isn’t crucial if you will want to opt for the suggestions of a trusted business or a completely new business.

Based on these and all the mentioned characteristics of security systems for apartments for renters, your optimal decision might easily become one of the businesses listed here.

SimpliSafe Offers Ultimate Solutions

It is difficult to find a better provider of home security equipment for sale and rent than this business. It is the case when experience matters. The home security enterprise has been around so long that it has had sufficient time to become aware of all the habitat security needs of its potential clients. It offers the following setup as well as equipment options, and the variety might be appreciated indeed by a renter checking an alarm system for a rental house:

  • No commitments: a preferred option whatever accommodation you are renting;
  • The overwhelming choice of home safety suggestions, starting with very common suggestions and up to the most elaborate home security systems for apartment renters;
  • DIY setup of renters home safety items;
  • You might express your preference independently whether you like professional home monitoring or rather a usual self-monitoring functionality;
  • Add such pros as advanced environmentally-friendly home installation, plenty of characteristics, and home security items for renters to choose from, and it will be evident that this enterprise is worth your attention.

Pricing Options

Renters can get a comprehensive home monitoring system at an absolutely fine price: just around 200 USD. It includes very basic items:

  • A base station;
  • Two sensors;
  • One wireless keypad.

You might prefer a pricier package that includes pulse cameras and similar. If a need arises in getting some specific security items later, there is nothing extraordinary with it. You can buy any of them directly from the provider. They all are effortlessly integrated with the already purchased apartment alarm systems for renters.

Regarding all the possible specialist’s monitoring variety, renters have an impressive selection, too:

  • You might wish to monitor all your alarms independently, on your own. When your home system produces an alarm, it is your decision if to address the issue to the local police or perform other actions that you could ever require.
  • You pay 14.99 USD per month, and the enterprise suggests you a constant connection to emergencies and notifies you if needed;
  • The monthly fee of 24.99 USD offers you a perfect monitoring plan.

Our Verdict

SimpliSafe takes a confident place among the most trusted providers of cheap security systems for renters. It has suggestions for all homeowners or renters. Their wireless home security system portfolio is varied enough. Renters with any, even limited income and exigent taste can certainly choose the optimal solution.

FrontPoint Combines Experience And Innovation

FrontPoint is one of the most welcomed home security enterprises by renters. You can commence with the basic set and add any items you could ever require. Everything is backed up by a warranty.

Pricing Options

The main point of attraction for renters here is the price. The basic home security set for renters costs just 69USD, which is surely fine. You get quite a decent security set:

  • The FrontPoint smart hub;
  • One keypad;
  • Three functional sensors
  • Two sensors (pet-friendly);
  • FrontPoint yard signs;
  • FrontPoint decals.

The FrontPoint offers many more home security features for renters. Renters might order additional sensors, super advanced cameras, powerful alarms, and similar.

The only noticeable drawback is a payment for taking distant care of your sweet home. The very basic plan to safeguard your home requires renters to pay 44.99USD. This is significantly more than by other enterprises of security alarms for apartments and might turn into a crucial factor when taking the decision.

All the items are DIY installed. You don’t need to hire anybody even if you have never done anything similar before. Just follow the instructions.

Our Verdict

FrontPoint can confidently be considered as one of the most recommendable home security systems for renters. It offers affordable suggestions in a decent variety. The suggestions offered by the enterprise are trusted and efficient.

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Adobe – A New Company For New Clients

Adobe doesn’t have a generation-long experience like some enterprises in the niche. In this specific case, it means that you can count on special solutions and some positive characteristics.

Adobe offers specific suggestions with no commitment. Thus, this makes Adobe home alarm systems for renters stand out. Some more positive characteristics are the following:

  • Absolutely effortless Do It Yourself setup feature is one of the must requirements for alarm systems for renters. All the Adobe items can be installed effortlessly and fast. You spend one hour, and the items are ready to take care of your habitat. The funniest thing is that along with these pros; the business suggests that you use its items installation services for free. If you believe that you still could ever require it, you have an option;
  • Checking prices are just amazing. This is the only enterprise that offers a unique option called monitoring upon a specific request. You might use the free monitoring plan. As an example, if you are going on a trip, you can apply for a home monitoring upon a specific request;
  • The cellular connection is amazing. Renters can control your sweet home absolutely effortlessly from any device with even the slowest Internet connection whenever you are. The app is perfectly optimized and efficient, indeed.

Pricing Options

Adobe offers two suggestions to commence. The Adobe Smart Security Kit costs 179 USD and includes:

  • A gateway hub;
  • An advanced key fob;
  • A multifunctional mini sensor;
  • A sensitive motion sensor.

This base kit doesn’t have even the basic indoor camera. However, we assure you that the renters home safety level is quite solid. With it, renters can commence building the system of their preference.

Another optimal renters set to commence with is the iota Security Kit. Its price is 199USD, which does not exceed the basic home safety option costs. Here, along with a smoothly looking key fob and a sensor, renters get iota. It combines the following characteristics:

  • A proprietary hub;
  • An advanced camera;
  • A sensor;
  • A powerful siren.

Thus, you spend 20 dollars more to get a fully-functional system for renters to take the best care of your home security.

While offering all the available in the market standard solutions, Adobe is known thanks to its special items:

  • A proprietary slim sensor: it is basically a strip that is attached to your door frame.
  • A multi-sensor: this small tool can sense the humidity level, detects the temperature, the slightest motion, and even can detect light. Thus, it can serve in a plethora of cases. Instead of several sensors, you use one only and get the same functionality. It is also convenient to control your sweet home.

One of the crucial drawbacks of renters set is the absence of a doorbell camera. Adobe has this home security camera release in plans, but for now, this is still a gap in home safety that shall be closed. Though if this item is crucial to you, you can integrate any other brand item.

Monitoring plans for renters: they deserve special attention.

Renters have a plethora of home security suggestions for which they would pay nothing:

  • Integration of security items with devices of renters smart accommodation;
  • Live video translation;
  • Push notifications to critically enhance the available security level.

Cloud storage is missing indeed. But for that, a paid plan exists.

For 6USD per month (60USD per year), you get:

  • The renters offers, provided by the free plan;
  • Customized message notifications to email;
  • Cloud storage (one week, which is more than enough);
  • Geofencing.

We would admit that this set of optimal suggestions is not always available even with pricier plans. Thus, here, Adobe gets the top score.

For 20USD per month (100USD per year), renters get:

  • All the positive characteristics of the cost-efficient plans;
  • One month of cloud storage;
  • Unlimited warranty to all the items;
  • Backup;
  • Company monitoring day and night.

One more amazing feature of renters Adobe goods is that they are perfectly functional with popular items for an automated home. Whatever home item you possess, you don’t need to question yourself whether the renters’ best apartment security system can function as expected with different items or not.

Our Verdict

The renters’ home security provided by Adobe definitely deserves your special attention. Here, you can find some cost-efficient, though, very efficient solutions to incredibly boost the security level of your temporary home. You might want to try out the renters prime security enhancement option. Its price is anyway lower than the prices for similar renters things by competitors. If you pay per year, you save even more.

Brinks – A Company Tested By Generations

Brinks has been competing in this challenging niche for generations. Thus, you can expect from the enterprise top flexibility in any listing of security systems for renter homes. Let us check whether Brinks complies with our main renters security requirements.

Now, the enterprise gave up its years-old practice of long commitments. If you believe you will opt for the Brinks services, you opt for a variant without a commitment. It became possible with the partnership of Brinks with Nest. Brinks-Nest packages, in particular, have suggestions that are perfect for rented homes. These renters packages offer:

  • Easy-to-install security items;
  • No charge for activation;
  • A one-month long commitment.

Pricing options

With Brinks, you can count on pricier renters suggestions than by other enterprises when your aim is ultimately safe home. However, the home security business offers several home safety suggestions, which are definitely an advantage for any homeowner and renters.

The very basic security set is called the Nest Guard. Renters pay just 11USD per month. If renters pay the entire price, they would need to prepare 399USD. Here, they get:

  • A nicely looking keypad;
  • A powerful siren;
  • A sensor (pet-friendly);
  • Tamper detection;
  • Two sensors called Nest Detects;
  • Two Nest Tags.

Further, you might want to check home Brinks sets such as:

  • Smart Security Essential (199USD is the value of the set);
  • Smart Security Complete (349USD is the value of the set);
  • Smart Security Ultimate (1,099USD for the entire set, payment per month is possible and equals 33USD).

The home monitoring suggestions have also become more user-friendly.

Brinks offers a cost-free plan. With it, a special app can be used. Security alerts are active, too. With Nest, renters can also keep their sweet home items under ultimate control. But cameras aren’t monitored at all.

Further, renters can either choose a 29USD per month or a 39USD per month funding. Whatever renters opt for, they receive with it ultimate constant home monitoring service. If any suspicious alarm is emitted by the home security items, and the owner isn’t available, an operator will notify the police or relevant services to resolve the issue.

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Ring Alarm – Perfectly Compatible With Alexa

Ring Alarm is one of the most recently launched security brands in this highly demanding niche. It guarantees the best security for apartments with Alexa. You might already have noticed that every modern item can collaborate with voice assistants, at least with Alexa and Siri. Though the main difference here is that Ring was specifically developed by Amazon. It is designed to be friends with Alexa.

Alexa and Ring home security items collaborate efficiently. While if you apply the renters home security items of any other brand, the voice commands might not be natural; this is not the case when Ring home items communicate with Alexa. Everything sounds very natural. It happens because of one crucial indeed advantage that Ring has: special coding compatibility of all the devices.

This type of compliance is a nice feature, but what can Ring offer when it comes to selecting the best security system for renters?

Pricing Options

The main security functionality is available cost-free. For home cameras, the subscription will cost 10USD per month. It is quite fine, especially if you consider all the renters advanced functionality. A paid renters security plan provides you with one unique feature: for security alerts, you can connect to your neighbors.

The cheapest renters set of items are offered at 199USD. In the set, you get:

  • A functional base station;
  • One powerful sensor;
  • A unique range extender;
  • One sensor;
  • A keypad (wireless).

While these items are sufficient to provide basic renters home security, it is absolutely recommended to acquire a camera. If your homeowner doesn’t mind, check such an item that will enhance your habitat security level as a smart lock. Ring Alarm is perfectly compatible with Schlage smart locks. With them, you can forget about your keys. Just keep in mind that a PIN will be needed to open the home door. You can also track the home entries with your app. The only condition is to have a stable Internet connection.

The Ring app is provided at no cost. It guarantees seamless access to comprehensive home security functionality. The only drawback of a free version is that video storage isn’t provided. With a video-storage option, you fund your account for 10USD per month.

What Company Is The Best Choice?

As a renter, you have fewer options than a homeowner. You can choose only the items that are allowed by the homeowner. It limits the choice significantly.

The best enterprises that provide the most optimal solutions for renters are mentioned above. The decision is up to you. Consider what security options are crucial for you and without which you are still fine. Check your budget. Consider both short-term and long-term options. If you aren’t sure how long you will stay in your rented accommodation, a no-commitment option is the best. Now, you have all the information to reply to your “what security system should I get?” discuss all the details with the provider.

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