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Everyone wants to feel safe and secured in his or her dwelling. When a person enters the house, he or she desires to get rid of heavy thoughts and enjoy free time on a cozy sofa—the modern preeminent technologies accord human-beings to solve safeguard issues by entrusting them to smart devices. The modern market adduces an immense spectrum of assorted mind-blowing security firms and enterprises. Your vital task is to select the reliable one that meets your devoirs and desires. The thoughtful Link Interactive review aims at revealing the most significant traits of the firm.

Link Interactive security company began its astonishing history in 2010, in Utah. Before that, the successful firm was one of the promising parts of the blooming Mountain Alarm corporation. It launched in the early 1950s and majored in the best fire solutions. Nowadays, the firms are separate and perform assorted glorious avails. Link Interactive caters top-notch appliances to shelter every corner of your cozy house.

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Overall Score

84% of the Link Interactive reviews evaluate the stunning avails of the awesome enterprise as “excellent”. It means people entrust their lives to Link Interactive security concerns. The following table illustrates the essential peculiarities of this trendy firm:

Essential Traits

Major Points/Details

Starts at $30,99 per month

Far-reaching Equipment/ Innovative Devices

Smart Home boards

Secondary touchpad

Stunning IQ Remote

Cool entry and window indicators

Exact image motion warners

Tilt indicator

Panic button

Smoke/heat/freeze indicators



Carport controllers

Light bulbs

Smart plugs Indoor/outdoor cameras

Pulse cameras

Flawless Customer Service


Superior Features & Technology


2Gig GoControl panel

Takeover Program

Ease to Use


Link interactive Pros & Cons

Significant Pluses

One of the most prominent advantages of Link Interactive is an excellent prospect of successfully combining the already existing components with the newly purchased ones. If you already have an indoor camera but crave a marvelous doorbell camera, you don’t need to buy both of them.

Link Interactive security reviews notice that the top-notch firm adduces an awesome 30-days money-back guarantee. It means you can experience all the available options for a month. If anything doesn’t satisfy you, the enterprise returns the money. It promises to refund the shipping costs. Moreover, the firm refunds the installment or activation of the programs for you.

Link Interactive smart home craves no landlines. You may be free from endless wires. You decide where you place your precious gadgets.

If you are easy-goers, the Link Interactive security system review says that it is an ideal solving for you. It’s easy and stress-free to relocate all the units. Link Interactive relies on a cellular connection using a built-in SIM card, and you pick up from AT&T or Verizon coverage. The gorgeous concern operates throughout the US.

Prominent Minuses

Wherever you fancy savoring the avails of the Link Interactive alarms and top-quality monitoring system, you should sign a 1-3-year agreement. Annulment craves a payment of 75% of the left balance of your obligation.

Yet, it’s possible to authorize a satisfying month-to-month agreement. It implies a high up-front cost. You should purchase vital supplies. It’s worth mentioning that it’s rather expensive.

The Bottom Line

Almost every security system review states that the concern is the number one in the world of DIY safety.

Peel & Stick Set Up is exactly what you crave if it’s the first time you launch a safety system. Although Link Interactive adduces no top-notch pro installment, you don’t need to worry that something will go wrong. You get the superior pre-installed units. You crave only to find a proper place for the superior tools and install them. No wiring or drilling is needed.

Link Interactive

Link Interactive Pricing

Although there are copious points to pay attention to while selecting an appropriate wireless security system, the matter of payment is of prime importance. Link Interactive caters diverse plans. Every customer may opt for gadgets and far-reaching avails that fit his or her devoirs.

Although the pricing policy is not ideal, it possesses copious eminent traits you should consider. Link Interactive home security reviews show that the company claims no installment fees, no activation fees, and no hidden fees. It means it’s possible to economize up to several hundred if you choose Link Interactive.

You can’t ignore one significant drawback of the company pricing. When you erase the plan, you still have to refund almost the full bill.

Link Interactive pricing is mid-ranged. The awesome firm adduces 3 marvelous packages. They are:

  • Standard. It encompasses pro monitoring and life safety accessories and avails. The monthly fee is $30.99;
  • Gold. It encompasses Home Automation. The price is about $39.99 every month;
  • Elite. It also includes HD Video Monitoring / Analytics. It costs $44.99 every month.

Link Interactive home security price differs in various plans. Yet, it’s worth mentioning that 24/7 pro monitoring is included in all the agreements. The same is true about the standard hub. If you thirst for a more advanced and progressive variant, you have to refund more.

If you long to economize money, you should wait for equipment for sale options. It’s also possible to get a quote.

Top-Notch Equipment/Devices/Features

Link Interactive adduces you an amazing opportunity to choose between a cool pre-packaged system or an intriguing self-customized one. The last one means it’s up to you to opt for the vital tools or boards.

Link Interactive security system reviews highlight a stunning service offered by the firm. It’s an emergency duress or distress code. This function is to protect you even if someone makes you disarm the system.

You can’t but fall in love with gorgeous devices. Both outdoor and indoor cameras are to cater to you the superb quality video if you favor the Elite package. If the quality of the recorder video is not of prominent importance for you, it’s possible to select more appropriate and cheaper alternatives. It’s worth highlighting that every package includes payments for 4 cameras. If you crave more gorgeous samples, you are to refund an extra $5 for each of them.

Link Interactive security cameras reviews illustrate the major features of the technologies. It’s possible to purchase even night vision samples. They ensure round-the-clock supervising. The quality of the image is flawless. You can clearly see what is going around your dwelling.

Link Interactive alleges copious outstanding variants of cameras. They differ not only in characteristics. It’s possible to pick up the most appropriate color and shape of the device. For instance, slim doorbell cameras have an outstanding design. But their main advantage is a small size. The item doesn’t spoil the general appeal of the mansion. Moreover, little parameters are important if you don’t covet other people to know that you protect your dwelling with Link Interactive.

A 2GIG doorbell camera is a huge source of pride for Link Interactive. You get clear and detailed pics. The lifetime of valuable gadgets is long. Every item is to serve you for ages. Moreover, all the devices are easy to maintain.

The firm has an outstanding 24-hour accumulator backup option. It keeps the superb security system working in case of a sudden power outage.

Link Interactive support

Link Interactive Online Control: Powerful App

Nowadays, it’s impossible to imagine our lives without smartphones. With their help, we supervise every aspect of our life. Ordering products, appointing meetings, and making notes are quite usual tasks we do via our phones. No wonder people long to rule their congenial security system via smartphones, too. With Alarm.com, it’s fast and easy. Link Interactive home security systems reviews describe an app as a powerful tool that accords clients to arm and disarm their safety systems from anywhere. It’s enough to download the application on your device, customize it, and savor all the benefits of the convenient and assisting distant control. Link Interactive informs landlords about any actions in their dwellings. It’s up to you to select how you long to receive notifications – via email, text, or push messages.

An amazing app accords you to change thermostat settings, lock, and unlock doors without effort. This superb application is able even to inform you that your kids open your medicine or liquor cabinets.

There is one extra important thing to be noted about the distant control. When you download an app on your device, it can’t be excluded that some strangers could get access to your devices. That’s why your task is to apply reliable and confident passwords.

Link Interactive Customer Service

Although Link Interactive poses a 24/7 monitoring trait, the situation differs when it comes to the support line. The business hours are from 8 am to 10 pm Monday-Friday and from 9 am to 6 pm Saturday. If you have some questions about the use of the services, you should call 1-877-826-5443. If you crave to clarify sales issues, call 1-866-876-6586. It’s always possible to interact with managers via email.

Link Interactive has also introduced a more convenient 24/7 callback option. When you face troubles when using the service, you can leave a complaint or request. The qualified and experienced technicians of the corporation are to service your samples.

How To Order Link Interactive

The introverts will definitely appreciate the possibility of ordering home security system packages without leaving their home and even without speaking to the manager. It’s possible to place an order online. You need only a laptop or smartphone and Internet access.

Link Interactive alarm system review alerts you that the process of placing your order is significant. You have to consider the following prominent aspects:

  • Your previous experience.

If you have already used some security systems before, you may have some left tools or boards. Link Interactive possesses an awesome feature. It allows you to integrate your old and new gadgets;

  • Your goals.

Someone wants to supervise his or her children. Other people have to spend months on exciting business trips. You have to define your goals in order to opt for the most suitable devices and security plans;

  • Additional services you crave.

Link Interactive caters copious security services. At the same time, there are firms that can also proffer extra healthcare services but not for Link Interactive.

After you provide managers with all the essential information, it’s necessary to sign up for an agreement. Yet, the whole process takes a little time.

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Does Link Interactive Require The Internet?

Link Interactive is 100% cellular. All the gadgets are able to function even without power for a definite period of time. Yet, the Internet is a must if you desire to supervise the stunning security systems via the app. Yet, the main goal of the stunning concern is to shelter you and your cute dwelling. This option is available even without the Internet.

How Much Is Link Interactive Per Month?

Link Interactive home automation review shows that there are copiously available plans. You opt for the most affordable for you. The final price is conditioned by the durability of the agreement, the amount of needed cameras, and the selected package. The minimal monthly payment is $30,99.

How To Cancel An Account?

To erase the account, you have to interact with a helpful customer support line. It’s possible to stop using the service whenever you fancy. Yet, if you have an obligation, it’s necessary to pay the full price.

How Long Has Link Interactive Been In Business?

The enterprise has been a self-reliant protection operator since 2010. Before that, it was an essential part of another successful security concern called Mountain Alarm.

Does Link Interactive Offer Free Installment?

The sterling firm caters to a superior DIY installment. It’s absolutely free. If you have queries, you can get qualified support. The concern also proffers profound guides.

Does Link Interactive Operate With Alexa?

“Should I get another safeguard alternative because I like working with convenient and helpful Alexa?’ This challenge is quite common. There is no need for other alternatives, while Link Interactive operates well with Alexa.

Does Link Interactive Operate With Google Assistant?

Link Interactive operates well with Google Assistant, too.

So, if the doubt “Is Link Interactive a good company?’ is still prominent for you, you’ll definitely appreciate the overall conclusion. The company is good for those who crave high-quality protection for a long time. The awesome technologies are to serve you for many years.

Link Intprotectioneractive is the perfect solution for those who are looking for unique equipment options. You customize the avails to your devoirs. Link Interactive smart home reviews testify that it’s awesome not only for creating a secured house environment but also for protecting offices and even corporations.

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