Review Of CPI Security

Overall Score

  • Price: 7.0/10
  • Equipment/Devices: 7.5/10
  • Customer Service: 7.0/10
  • Features & Technology: 8.0/10
  • Ease to Use: 7.0/10



  • CPI Security guarantees that the customer will not have any false alarms;
  • Users can customize the different home security system packages that the company offers;
  • Their inTouch devices are second to none;
  •  The company offers different solutions to monitor the environment;
  • The different CPI solutions are compatible with the Smart Home paradigm;
  • The surveillance solutions allow the user to stream and record video;
  • There are plenty of upgrades available for the equipment.


  • The service is good, and you pay for it accordingly;
  • You should put in some extra effort to learn all the functionalities of the equipment;
  • The excellent service is available within some limited areas;
  • The equipment is of superior quality, and experts should install it;
  • The customer service is great, and there is room for improvement.

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Bottom Line

If you own a house, then hiring the services of a safety company is an excellent idea. You want to make sure that your investment is safe. But most importantly, you want to guarantee the safety of your family. This is the motivation for the review of the CPI company. This is a thorough CPI Security review. It will help you to identify the strong points of the company. You will learn about the technology they use to guarantee the safety of your loved ones and assets.

There are other CPI Security reviews online. They all provide excellent advice to make a decision.  The present review adds more information to existing CPI home security reviews. To have a more comprehensive view of the company, the review analyzed the CPI systems in detail.  The result is clear; CPI Security is a good company that you should consider.

There are some interesting features that CP Security offers to its customers. To mention a few, video monitoring is of supreme quality. Their InTouch line of products is also second to none. All these give, as a result, the guarantee that the customer will not get any false alarms. This is quite convenient. Customers can be sure that when the alarms go off is because of a serious situation. The bottom line is CPI Security, a good company? It is; there is no doubt about it.

You may wonder, should I get a CPI Security smart home or safety solution? It is up to you. Their service is excellent as well as their equipment. Their pricing is commensurate to what you get. There may be less expensive options. But if you want an excellent wireless security system and the price is not an issue, you should consider CPI Security.


CPI Security has been in business for nearly 30 years. Over this period, the CPI security company has grown to become one of the major key players in the market. Last year, SDM Magazine recognized the company as the best provider of home safety systems. Then, customers can trust the positive CPI security reviews published recently. But, how does this good reputation impact CPI Security pricing? Let us take a closer look at the different CPI home security price options.

Their inTouch Essentials monitoring system has a cost of just $29.99 a month. This is a very good deal. In the industry, it is rather common to pay $40 a month. The quality of the monitoring offered by CPI Security is outstanding. Thus, the monthly fee is quite good. Remember that the price is for the monitoring service.

Customers should add the cost of the equipment. CPI Security offers different equipment options, which start at $500. Some packages include pulse cameras and other sophisticated items. In such cases, the price can be as high as $1,000 or more.

CPI Security offers four different packages. Going from the most basic to the most advanced, they are named: inTouch Essentials, inTouch Essentials Plus, inTouch Video, and InTouch Edge. To get a better idea, the inTouch Essentials monitoring system includes:

  • Door and window sensors to detect when they are open;
  • A motion sensor to detect if someone is inside the house;
  • Smartphone controls to operate your safety devices remotely;
  • A smart keypad that allows activating/deactivating the system as wished.

You get a doorbell camera with the inTouch Essentials Plus. The InTouch Edge even includes a keyless door lock. This advanced package includes an amazing array of safety equipment. Price is higher, but you get an excellent solution to safeguard your property.

A very good alternative that CPI offers is the customization of a package. This means that users can choose what equipment they want, like an indoor camera, an outdoor camera, and others. This enables customers to create the perfect solution for their safety needs with the different equipment for sale.

To get a quote, you should call them directly.  CPI Security offers financing plans to customers whose budget is a bit tight. These plans have the great advantage of a 0% interest rate. Customers can opt for a financing term between 3 and 5 years.

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The equipment that CPI Security uses is top quality. Other CPI Security system reviews praise the quality and functionality of the equipment. This CPI Security system review confirms what other reviews state. The sensors for doors and windows are quite sensitive. Hence, they will detect even the slightest opening of a window or door. This characteristic is quite useful to detect any burglar.

The CPI Security monitoring center is very well equipped. It has the most advanced technology to provide 24/7 monitoring of the highest quality. Overall, the response of the center is rather fast. This is why the monitor center won the distinction of being the best one last year. The CPI Security alarm system review, in this case, is highly positive.

Now, let us describe the different CPI Security security cameras reviews. All the cameras record or stream high-quality videos. They all are 1080p HD cameras. The cameras are the top components of any CPI Security system. Their quality is beyond anyone’s expectations. CPI Security has four different types of cameras that customers can choose from. They are:

  • InTouch 180 Indoor Camera. This is a very elegant camera that can be mounted on any wall inside your house. Like the other cameras, it has a lot of outstanding technical characteristics. For example, it has night vision and superior low-light recording capabilities. This feature is quite useful to ensure the safety of your house during the night. The camera also features motion detection functionalities. It can stream high-quality video as well;
  • InTouch HD Indoor Camera. This type of camera is more suitable to hang from the roof. It can be mounted on the wall, too, and be directed to the intended coverage area. The technical characteristics of the device are the same as the previous indoor camera;
  • InTouch HD Outdoor Camera. This camera can be mounted practically anywhere in your backyard or any outdoor setting. It allows being directed to the intended coverage area also. An additional feature is its high resistance to the elements (rain, sunshine). The night vision capabilities of the camera are also outstanding. The camera allows zooming to targets even in the night vision mode. It has to be like that to provide a good view of your outdoor areas at all times;
  • InTouch HD Doorbell Camera. This camera is fixed on the wall by your main entrance. In several tests conducted for the review, the camera performed flawlessly.

CPI Security has many more options to customize a home safety and automation solution. For instance, the company also offers entry sensors, which detect if a person enters your house through a door or window. As mentioned before, motion sensors are also available. These are particularly useful to detect if somebody is inside your house.

CPI Security offers light control for smart home applications. Motion sensors can be combined to automate the lights in some areas of your house. For example, the lights can turn on automatically when the sensors detect motion inside the living room. For smart homes, CPI Security also offers a smart thermostat. This device controls the indoor temperature to the value you set. In several tests, the device has shown high control precision.

For environmental monitoring, CPI Security has two devices, a CO detector and a smoke detector. Both devices ensure that the air that you breathe is free of hazardous gases. This is particularly critical at night when you and your family are sleeping. These detectors operate flawlessly. Hence, you can trust them to detect any risk in the air inside your house.

There are other specific devices that CPI Security offers to customers. For entry into your house, there is a touch-screen lock door. This is a very practical device that controls access to your house. It is much more effective than traditional locks. You can type in the device the keyword that is necessary to gain access.

CPI Security also offers a garage door controller. This is a very convenient device for the automation of your house. You can open and close your garage remotely by using the remote control. This is particularly useful when leaving your car to close the garage is impractical. For example, on a rainy day, the benefit of the device is evident.

Some add-ons that CPI Security offers include:

  • Glass break detector. This sensor is useful to detect when a burglar smashes a glass window. This alerts you of this type of break-in;
  • Fire communicator. This device will not only detect the presence of smoke but will also call the fire department automatically. This is very practical if flames prevent you from reaching a phone;
  • Water sensor. This device detects any type of flooding inside your house.

The quality of all these devices is second to none. CPI Security offers an outstanding lineup of safety and automation devices. Customers cannot go wrong with any of these sensors, cameras, and controllers. All these devices can be controlled, thanks to a wireless interface remotely. The quality of these devices is the main reason for the positive CPI Security home security systems reviews.

CPI Security intouch

Control (App)

The controls are equally good. The touch-screen inTouch panel allows customers to activate all the devices easily. This panel comes with all the packages except for the inTouch Essentials package. It allows for the integration of automation and smart home devices. Several CPI Security smart home reviews have praised the easiness of controlling all the devices with the panel.

A simpler wireless panel comes with the inTouch Essentials package. The quality of the device is very good as well. It offers all the necessary functionalities to integrate and control the devices that come with the package.

The app allows customers to have remote control of all the safety and automation devices. It is quite convenient to be able to activate/deactivate these devices from a smartphone. This CPI Security home automation review has found that the app is highly functional. Customers can access all the control features of the inTouch panel via a mobile phone. This is possible, thanks to the app. The interface of the app is quite good and friendly. There is room for improvement.

Customer Service

The customer service of CPI Security is quite good. You can get in touch with a representative by phone, email, or live chat. You can visit their website and go to customer care support. On that page, you will find the links to send an email or start a chat conversation. CPI Security offers a 1-year warranty for devices. A 90-day warranty applies to labor. These warranties come with all the packages offered by the company.

How To Order

You can get all the necessary information about pricing and contracts by phone. It is quite straightforward. You select the equipment and monitoring packages that you wish, and a sales representative will take care of the rest. This excellent service is available in 12 states only. Hence, consult the website of CPI Security to ensure that your place of residence is covered.

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Does CPI Security Require The Internet?

Yes, it is necessary to communicate all the data to the monitoring center.

How Much Is CPI Security Per Month?

It is $29.99 for the inTouch Essentials package. For other packages, call the company.

How To Cancel A CPI Security Account?

Simply contact customer support, and they will assist you.

How Long Has CPI Security Been In Business?

The company has been in business for 29 years.

Does CPI Security Offer Free Installation?

Yes, professional installation is free with each package.

Does CPI Security Work With Alexa?

Yes, it does.

Does CPI Security Work With Google Assistant?

Yes, it does.

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