How to Protect Your Home and Make It Smart with Guardian

If you still have not protected your home, this article will be very useful for you. It is time you made your house smart and started living without everyday worrying. No matter, either you stay at home all the time or are always in the office, the wireless security system of your home is crucial for you. You may not even imagine what equipment options offer professional security companies. And if you want to know more about them, we provide you a thorough Guardian review.

What is Guardian a good company? How does Guardian work? What services do they provide? How to order Guardian services? And what should I get after having ordered your services? Answers to all those questions and much other interesting information will be revealed below. Choose the best online security system and feel always safe!

Guardian Security Systems

Guardian Home Security System Overall Score

To make thorough Guardian reviews, it is necessary to define what type of company is it.

Guardian security company is a company concerned with providing online services to guard your home. It is a full-service business that can equip your house with any tool to save you, from a professional doorbell to a smart automated light module and smart thermostat that you can control via the Internet using a special app.

Guardian smart home is a home where you feel comfortable all the time and do not think about insecurity. It is a home where you come to after a busy day and light is switched on in every room. A smart home is cozy and safe, first of all.

Guardian is one of the largest companies that offer a full range of smart security services. It cooperates will a great number of house building companies to make a newly-constructed house smart and safe for its dwellers.


Guardian pricing policy is quite affordable that is one of the advantages of this security system. But it is necessary to say that it depends on home security system packages.

All in all, you want to secure your home completely and forever, there is no point in save your money. It is one of the most crucial aspects of your life that directly influences the wellbeing of your whole family even including your pets. However, if your income is not enough to pay for professional security services, there is a way out. Guardian is concerned about home security of everyone. Due to this, it takes care of your pocket.

The Guardian purpose is not to make you spend as much money as possible. Its goal is to secure your home as well as possible and do it without extra undesirable expenditure. And it matters!

The price for the system directly depends on the package you choose. And the more equipment your package includes, the higher price is.


There will be described all the devices and provided all the necessary information about how to control your security equipment remotely. This Guardian home automation review may help you to learn more about the company’s equipment and services.

Guardian uses exclusively professional security equipment of the next generation to ensure security for every member of the family. Among services that Guardian provides using progressive technologies are:

  • Mobile control and keyless entry using personalized smart lock code
  • Live-streaming video in all the areas of household
  • 24/7 professional monitoring by the certified specialists
  • Video doorbell
  • The smart automated light module
  • Smart thermostat to check the heat level at home
  • Room temperature sensors
  • Smart door opener (front door, garage door and so on)
  • Smoke, glass break and motion detectors
  • Powerful sirens
  • Medical pendant
  • Fire detectors

And it is just a small list of equipment and services that Guardian provides. Below you will be able to read more information about the most common and important home security devices and services that the company provides for their clients.

Guardian Customer Service

On the Guardian website, there is a qualitative customer service where you can get all the information regarding Guardian security system and all its nuances just in a few minutes. This service works around the clock. So, you can get the answers to all your questions anytime you need it. To connect this service you can write a message or dial with the specialist by mobile phone. The phone number of the service is mentioned on the company’s website.

Guardian Security Systems

Features & Technology

Using Guardian security gadgets you can forget about worrying about your family members’ home security. Because all the technologies the company offers to its customers are amazing and can make your life a real dream.

If you want to know more about the latest tech equipment that this home security system provides, take Guardian alarm system review into account.

If you are not at home you always want to be sure that everything is alright there. An alarm system is probably the most efficient option that can make you stop worrying about the safety of your relatives and your house.

Installing all the important Guardian equipment such as various sensors (both on the doors and windows), different detectors and video and pulse cameras the alarm system starts syncing with all these devices and begins functioning. In the case of danger, the loudest and the most powerful sirens and alarm-triggered lights turn on and it becomes easier to react to it immediately and prevent the threat and serious consequences.

So, if you want to feel safe at your home and realize that even in the case of danger you will be rescued, Guardian knows how to ensure it for you.

Another common but very important piece of technology that the company use will be described below in the Guardian security cameras reviews.

One more vital piece of equipment at home is a Guardian camera recorder. Live-streaming videos include using indoor and outdoor cameras and even doorbell camera. Even being in the office you can watch via the app the live-streaming video of any area of your household. In such a way, you can follow your children’s and pets’ activities and know everything that is going on at your home. Everything you should do is to go online on a particular Guardian app and choose the necessary camera. So, even if you are on another continent and miss your children, you can be always informed about what they are doing at home.

Ease to Use

Reading such Guardian home security systems reviews you can make sure that it is a system very easy to use. There are a lot of apps offered by the company to control all the devices remotely and without any problems.

Guardian system is very easy to use because when the company installs all the necessary devices at your household, Guardian will provide you a personal account in their app. Downloading this app you can control everything that is going on in your house. You may monitor the temperature in your house, switch on and switch off the light in any room, close and open the window or door if necessary. What is more, via the Guardian app and watching the live-streaming video you can control what game are your children playing in the backyard.

Guardian also works successfully with Siri, Alexa and Google assistants.

Pros and Cons of Guardian Home Security System


Truthfully the number of advantages this security system has is really great.

  • You can monitor all the processes occurring at your home remotely using an app or online assistant.
  • You can choose a package of services and equipment that suits your lifestyle the best.
  • The pricing policy of the company is very reasonable and it depends on the package you choose. So, you can define the price for your smart home on your own.
  • All the gadgets Guardian provides their customers with are the latest tech progressive innovations. So, in such a way, you may make your home modern while safe.
  • You can be aware of everything that now occurs at home just using your smartphone and an app with your account.
  • It is easy and fast to control.

And it’s only the few most common benefit that you can take from the installation of Guardian home security equipment.


Among the disadvantages, you may point out just a few cons.

  • The first one is that you should have the Internet connection all the time to take commands via the Guardian app.
  • And the second one is that you know too much about everything that your family is doing in your household. (The last one is just a joke, do not worry.)

The Most Common Works Packages: Guardian Smart Home Reviews

Guardian provides a full range of professional home and business security services. But it is you who can choose what services to include in your package and what ones to exclude. Everything depends on your lifestyle. Due to this, first of all, you should understand what equipment for sale in Guardian is necessary for the security of your home and what is a waste of your money. To help you with making the right choice, Guardian checks your everyday activities, household composition, and your occupation.

Furthermore, specialists take into account square meters of the living space in your house and the amount of space outside (yard, playgrounds, swimming pool, and buildings such as a garage, summer house, and arbor). In such a way, Guardian helps you to make the right choice and buy a convenient and appropriate works package of home security services.

Guardian Security Systems

What Packages the Company Offers?

There is a great number of various works packages Guardian provides for its customers. However, the most common ones are the following:

  1. Family First. If you are a parent and always are concerned about security if your children, this Guardian package is the most suitable for you. It includes 24/7 video monitoring system of your house, a video doorbell, detectors (both smoke and motion ones), smart thermostat, medical pendant, and many others. Very important pieces of equipment included in this Guardian package are sensors on the doors and windows. It is an extra layer of security that helps you to see when your child is touching something in the off-limits areas such as a cook, medicine shelf or a drawer with cleaning supplies. Everything is under control. What is more, you can control it using the app in your smartphone that simplifies this process even more.
  2. Burglar Buster. If you have heard something about insecurity in your district, this Guardian package will guard your home from any strangers. Complex layered protection will give no chance to any burglar. Loud and alarming sirens will help to secure your home any time even if you are not indoor and are far away from your house. Smart Guardian video surveillance will help you stay informed about everything that is going on in and around your house. Furthermore, there is an additional option that can manipulate the conscience of any burglar. It is automatic lightning. You can switch on the light in any of your house’s rooms even if you are 1000 miles away from there. Everything you should do is to click some buttons in your personal app designed by Guardian.
  3. Frequent flyer. If you do not stay at home for a long time and your life is busy. It is the best Guardian works package for you. It consists of a great number of useful security services such as an outdoor and indoor camera, various types of alarms, and even easy access to your home for friends if necessary. You may do anything at your home remotely, from checking different Guardian detectors to opening and closing windows.
  4. Pet Parent. If you have pets and want to take care of them always, even if you are far away from home, pet parent package is a good choice. It includes thermostat control, smoke and CO detectors, video streaming and dog walker access if necessary. As you have a personalized smart lock code provided by Guardian you may share it with a dog walker and walk the dog not being at home. It is quite convenient, isn’t it?
  5. Bachelor Pad. If you are a parent and are worrying about the security of your child living in his or her own house, there’s a great option for you. This package can give you a full range of smart security services to make you feel confident and safe every second of your living. Via an Guardian app, you can monitor everything that is going on in your child’s home. Because even if your child is thirty, you should be always sure that everything is alright with him or her.

All these works packages, that are revealed in the Guardian security system review, show how much a company is concerned about its every client and wants to choose the best combination of smart security services for everyone.

Additional Guardian Security System Reviews: What Smartphone Assistants Work With This System?

If you have any device of Apple company (iPhone, IPad, HomePod, or an Apple Watch), you must know about Siri and use it just sometimes. This assistant can sync with the Guardian system and simplify your use of all Guardian security devices installed at your home. You may easily set-up Siri shortups and enjoy the simplicity of controlling the security level of your household.

Guardian Security Systems

Does Guardian Work with Alexa?

If you prefer buying Android smartphones, Alex is a well-known assistant on such devices. It is a very smart helper and can sync with all your Guardian security devices without any problems as Siri can. Your Alexa will start speaking Guardian after a few minutes of syncing. If you want to use this assistant for monitoring Guardian security system, it is necessary to create a verbal pin. Saying the chosen combination of four symbols you can turn on, disarm and even unlock the whole system. Due to this, be careful and remember this verbal pin to avoid misunderstandings and problems.

Does Guardian Work with Google Assistant?

Guardian system is very smart and progressive. Due to this it works not only with Siri and Alexa assistants but also with others, such as Google assistant and so on.

Connecting to it you can monitor every process at your home remotely without any problems.


If you have further questions, visit the Guardian website and read answers to all the FAQs (that are divided into sections for easier search of the necessary one). There you can find everything concerning Guardian review, from the functioning of the system to the process of its installation.

Does Guardian Require the Internet?

Guardian is a very beneficial security system. It is very smart, progressive and well-designed. You can check what is going on in your house from any corner of the world just using a special Guardian app (provided by the company). Staying at the bed you can close all the windows and doors and switch off the lights at the house just clicking a few buttons. But, of course, it requires Internet connection.

How Much Is Example per Month?

The Guardian home security price is quite reasonable and depends on the package you choose. For example, if you work at home and do not need complex layered protection and additional smart services, you may order a limit package and pay quite a reasonable and even cheap price.

What about a monthly fee in Guardian? It also varies from a little amount to quite a high price for a full range of smart services. Everything depends on the coverage of your works package. And it is you who chooses what the level of security your home and family have.

How to Cancel a Guardian Account?

To cancel the Guardian account you should connect with the company by writing to the customer service on the website. This service works around the clock. So, there will be no difficulties with the cancellation. Then the qualified specialist will provide you with the necessary guide on how to cancel your account in the app. Nothing complicated at all!

How Long Has Guardian Been in Business?

Guardian was founded in 1950. Since that time, it was ranked two times as Security Company of the Year. This rate makes the company a leader in the field of home security. This business is always rated somewhere at the top of all rankings that proves it to be a very reliable and professional service.

Does Guardian Offer Free Installation?

Installation of all the necessary equipment is not the easiest task. It takes much time and effort. Very often a team of three or five and even more installers are engaged in the installation of your home security gadgets. Guardian is concerned about its employees and offer them good wage terms. Due to this, this company do not offer free installation. But it is worth saying that the price for installation of Guardian equipment is not high. Because pricing policy of the service is very affordable and reasonable.

Guardian Security Reviews: Conclusions

Such Guardian home security reviews show you that nowadays there is a smart system that can make you feel safe at your home every second. If you apply to a professional and qualified company like Guardian, you can stop being concerned about the safety of the members of your family. Everything is under the control of qualified Guardian specialists.

The great range of services provided by Guardian makes clear that it is a professional business that is concerned about the safety of the life of every customer.

If you want to secure your family and house. Make your home safe and smart with Guardian!

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