Wireless Camera Arlo Home Security Reviews

Among the Arlo security reviews cameras that have ever been tested, none provide better video capture. Arlo reviews mobile apps are powerful, versatile, and easily customizable and offer a wide range of useful features. These include various alert and motion detection alarms and programmable scheduling.
The Arlo security system is one of the most popular and safe monitoring system to operate from 2014. Hundreds of customers all over the world have already noticed all the conveniences of using Arlo smart home systems.

Overall Score -4.6

  • Price – 4.3
  • Equipment/Devices – 4.5
  • Customer Service – 4.7
  • Features & Technology – 4.4
  • Ease to Use – 4.9

Let’s dive deeper into the system specs and check the data from the Arlo Pro smart home reviews.

Arlo Home Security


Arlo smart home reviews are available in various trim levels, where there is only one Arlo pricing is from $ 79.99 or a system with five cameras and a base unit ($ 599).

Together with the camera, Arlo review offers very generous cloud storage access fees. The simplest allows you to store records for up to seven days for free. If this is not enough, then an additional USB-drive can be connected to the base station.


The company provides the opportunity to order a wide selection of equipment options. On the website, you can get pulse cameras, a house wireless security system as well as find equipment for sale.

Customer Service

Arlo customer service is rated as the highest by tons of Arlo security systems reviews. The website satisfies any of the clients’ needs and answers all the requests 24/7. Mostly, customers are satisfied.

Features & Technology

According to Arlo security system reviews, all products are:

  1. Wireless, 100%. Place it anywhere. No connectors or wires;
  2. HD display. Look at it all more closely than ever;
  3. Weatherproof. Arlo Wire-Free can do anything, rain or light, hot or cold.
  4. Outlook for the night. During the evening, it optimizes lights that are triggered to highlight the smallest miracles;
  5. Traffic warnings. Push alerts and emails are received at any time of day when traffic is being detected;
  6. Free cloud storage. You will not pay for the excessive data in the cloud. Store free recordings triggered by the motion for 7 days.

Ease to Use

The website presents a short manual on how to set up, connect, and use Arlo home security systems reviews. It is easy and quick to use and you don’t have to understand all the technical terms to connect it.

Pros and Cons of Using Arlo Security Company

The Arlo home security system packages have taken an honorable first place in our list of the best wireless cameras. Why? Firstly, it is suitable both for indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, weather conditions and lighting do not affect image quality. The installation process is also very simple according to the Arlo alarm system review.

Resisting Arlo Pro’s benefits is not easy, but there are also disadvantages – it triggers an alarm, due to the high sensitivity of the motion sensor. Also, you need to purchase a base station that costs more money.


  • Lack of wires;
  • The universality of use – both indoors and outdoors;
  • Easy setup;
  • The ability to integrate with the smart home system.


  • Arlo home security price is high;
  • Base station required;
  • Ultra-sensitive motion sensor.

The Bottom Line

So is Arlo a good company? The new generation of Arlo security cameras reviews offers unique features! It is is a new level of security and safety. The system works with sensors of various types and purposes, including combined models, allowing you to flexibly complement and enhance the capabilities of the security system. Arlo home automation review enables you to independently and professionally mount all sensors in minutes. The company combines ease of installation, convenient and modern mobile control, the highest reliability of work – all this makes the security system truly innovative.

Arlo Home Security


Some customers state that the monthly fee and one-time purchases for Arlo are too high. However, you should realize the result you get with such a priceless product. You secure your home smartly and get all the benefits such as support and an app as a bonus.

For Arlo Pro 2 – 5 Camera Kit – VMS4530P you will have to pay $ 599.99. It includes a huge set of products such as five Arlo security cameras, five batteries, and one base station with an alarm, etc. For Arlo Pro – 4 Camera Kit – VMS4430 you will have to pay $ 399.99. In this kit, you will have the same package of products, but with 4 cameras and this offer contains the cameras of the first generation.


  • The Arlo Arlo security system review wireless standalone camera is the flagship model, it has a built-in 2440mAh battery, which is enough for battery life for 4-6 months! And if regular IP cameras store data in local storage such as NAS, Arlo Pro is cloud-oriented.
  • To use the camera, you must register and set up an account. All registered users have access to the storage in which is placed 7 days of recordings. In the case when you need to store records for a longer time, there are a number of tariff plans that allow you to select the desired storage size.
  • The Arlo Pro camera has proprietary software. The camera cannot be integrated into any other system. Of the third-party protocols, only IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings are supported.
  • Arlo Pro has a wide range of settings. There is a schedule mode. There is also an event mode – that is, the recording will begin when the camera detects movement or noise.
  • Detection parameters are also regulated. Push notifications and email alerts are configured. You can adjust the recording duration after detection. Minimum 10 seconds, and a maximum of 2 minutes.
  • In general, the smartphone application has a very premium look and an intuitive interface. There are applications for all popular platforms.
  • Arlo Pro Camera is a fully wireless video surveillance and security solution!
  • Separately, it is worth noting that this camera has a wide viewing angle of 130 °, a two-way audio communication function, and a motion sensor.

Control (App)

Arlo Pro will need an app to configure. It is available both for Android smartphones and for devices running Apple iOS. As we noted above, recordings obtained using surveillance cameras may contain personal information, so they should be well protected. So it does not bother to choose a strong password for the account. Also, the application should be protected with a PIN code or use TouchID instead.

In the application, you can assign a name to each camera, as well as, for example, see the battery charge. In the video settings of the selected camera, you can specify the parameters for activating the night vision mode or enable image rotation by 180 °. You can also, for example, adjust the zoom. Under the power settings, the quality of the video is hidden. If you select the maximum level of quality, then the battery life will be minimal. The “Optimal” setting is a good compromise; in the third mode, you can reduce the picture quality in favor of battery life. In another menu, you can adjust the microphone level and volume of the camera speaker, or disable these components.

Arlo Home Security

Customer Service

Security system equipment is not simple. Quite often, there are problems with its setup, proper installation, and operation. The support team will be happy to advise on all issues that may arise regarding technical security systems. All the consultants have a technical education, are very well versed in the equipment they sell, they know everything about what should be a security system and what is high-quality security. The advice of consultants will be useful to both beginners and experienced specialists who have studied the security systems perfectly.

How to Order

Do you want to buy some equipment? Have a peek at the Arlo website. You can find out the tons tools available there, and order their tracking systems. There are many different gadgets on the website that you can hardly find the ones you like. Until making a final decision, think carefully.

Attach the products to your shopping cart and head to the order tab. When you are not sure what you want, please contact the experts on the equipment you have picked. You’ll get a free guide on what to pick from for your house.

Charge the request. Without stressing about your personal details and information about your bank account, you can pay comfortably for your order on the business website. The order will arrive in two or three working days. Finally, you can enjoy your Arlo home security system!


Does Arlo Security System Require the Internet?

Arlo Pro cameras can be connected using any Internet connection using a router with a free socket to connect the Arlo base station. And for the camera, it offers a kit consisting of a SIM card and an Internet connection, thus ensuring the camera’s operation from the moment of its acquisition.

How Much Is Arlo Security System per Month?

There is an opportunity to set up the Arlo security system on a monthly base payment. You can get a Premier and Elite smart plans. The option of Premier will cost you $2.99/month for a single camera and $9.99/month for up to 5 cameras. As for the Elite, you will have to pay $ 4.99/month for a single camera and $14.99 for up to 5 cameras.

How to Cancel an Arlo Security System Account?

To cancel your contract of Arlo subscription:

  • Download your Android Arlo app or sign in to my.arlo.com;
  • Click or tap Preferences > Sign up;
  • Tap Cancel the subscription at the bottom;
  • Choose what plan you want to cancel;
  • Save.

How Long Has Arlo Security System Been in Business?

For over six years, Arlo has been in business. There have been a lot of positive and poor safety ratings, but for many years, it has been one of the industry leaders.

Does Arlo Security System Offer Free Installation?

With the help of a specialist, you can install the protection system or by yourself. Only leave your contacts on your website and you will be contacted for more information. The short and easy manual is given to each order. Also, there are a lot of short video tutorials online.

Does Arlo Security System Work with Alexa?

If you press Arlo Doorbell, you will let your Amazon Alexa devices announce. To do it, the Arlo Doorbell app with Alexa will first be downloaded from Amazon Alexa. Instead, in the Amazon Alexa app, activate your Arlo Skill.

Does Arlo Security System Work with Google Assistant?

Sure, with your pro app, you can use Google Assistant. This would not be harder to defend your home because you can give your devices a voice command and control anything in your house with your voice alone.

It seems to us that smart home devices should be as inconspicuous as possible in everyday scenarios. That is, they must cope with their functions without distracting the user’s attention. And the Arlo Pro system perfectly meets this criterion.

Installation of systems is very simple, even an inexperienced user can handle it. Installation takes a little time. And if you were worried about the short battery life, then in vain. The magnetic mounting system is convincing. Despite the location in the blown place, the camera does not tremble or move. To activate the system, just install the mobile application, and then configure Arlo. The whole procedure in our case took about half an hour.

Image quality and detection efficiency is convincing. The cameras recognized movement both day and night. Arlo allows you to adjust the sensitivity of motion detection so that you can select the optimal value. The night mode in practice showed good quality. Two-way voice communication is also integrated into the camera. At a minimum, such a connection will be useful if the camera is installed in a room with a small child.

In operation, the Arlo Pro system also proved to be convincing. The application is well structured, it offers a wide range of functions covering all the main scenarios. Videos are conveniently sorted by shooting date, they can be downloaded via the application or shared.

Arlo Pro system showed convincing results, it has a wide range of functions with easy setup, convenient operation, and good video quality. With this in mind, a rather high price seems adequate.

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