GetSafe Medical Alert Security Review

The safety of family members and the protection of the house are two main priorities for everyone. Today, it’s easy as ABC to protect your loved ones using an innovative medical alert security system. There are many smart medical systems on the market nowadays but this one has a lot of great features you’ll definitely enjoy. Have you known that not all medical systems should be worn? Is GetSafe a good company? Keep on reading this GetSafe review to find out what peculiarities this medical system has – it’ll help you to understand whether it can meet all of your personal requirements or not.

GetSafe Pros/Cons

It isn’t surprising that there are a lot of GetSafe reviews on the Internet. It’s one of the most popular medical systems nowadays. It’s necessary to admit that most GetSafe home security reviews focus on advantages the system has. Is it true or false? Let’s consider what features make GetSafe the most desired one for smart homeowners who do take care of their parents and grandparents. The main advantage of the system you will notice at once is that there is no need to wear it. The system can be placed anywhere in the house and be sure that it’ll look great at your modern smart home. One more advantage of GetSafe is a fair price for such an innovative device.

Overall Score: 4.7

  • Price – 4.9
  • Equipment/Devices – 4.3
  • Customer Service – 4.5
  • Features & Technology – 4.8
  • Ease to Use – 4.9


  • No use restrictions;
  • Fair price;
  • High-end technology.

Do you wonder whether there are any cons mentioned in GetSafe smart home reviews? Unfortunately, nothing is perfect! It has been mentioned that the price of GetSafe is rather affordable. According to GetSafe security system reviews, it’s really so if you don’t use additional options, which cost rather expensive and should be ordered separately.


  • Less extra features;
  • No options for video recordings.

GetSafe Security System

The Bottom Line

GetSafe is a real breakthrough in the sphere of medical home security systems. No need to wear the system to feel safe. It’s enough to have it somewhere in your house and it’ll perform its functions successfully. Use GetSafe and feel 100% protected with the help of this smart medical alarm system. Founders of GetSafe have a large experience in creating great multifunctional gadgets for providing safe user experience. They have been working in the industry of home security systems for over 30 years and created GetSafe after extensive research and analysis of users’ needs and wants.

GetSafe Pricing

The good news is that you don’t have to pay for the service you have never got before and have no idea whether it’s what you need or not. The company offers to check how GetSafe works first. Reading GetSafe security reviews isn’t the only way to learn more about the service quality. You have a great opportunity to test GetSafe home security within 30 days for free. You pay nothing for getting the service during the whole month. After this risk-free period is over, you should choose the service plan that fits your budget and your needs most.  There are three options to choose from. In any case, GetSafe home security price is competitive. Let’s consider each one in detail for you to know what you’ll pay for when choosing this or that service plan.

  • GetSafe Starter. Are you the owner of the small apartment? Look no further. It’s exactly the option you need. It has the cheapest price-about $24.95 for getting round-the-clock monitoring service. Besides, you need to buy equipment needed for the successful operation of this GetSafe service plan.
  • GetSafe Standard. Do you have several bedrooms in the house? Then, you’re recommended to choose this one. This plan covers the larger area. The plan includes the basic set of equipment you get in the previous plan plus more voice-activated wall buttons as well as simple buttons. The price here is more expensive – $24.95 monthly. Besides, you need to purchase equipment options that would cost you $229.
  • GetSafe Select Plan. It isn’t difficult to guess that the last one is the most expensive plan for large houses. It should be chosen by those who have up to 5 rooms in the apartment. There are additional equipment options like wall buttons. In addition, you get a lockbox. All these options will cost you $359. As for the monthly fee, you’ll pay $24.95. Choosing this GetSafe plan, you get a larger selection of options for an additional price. You can add features you’d like to use for an extra fee. For example, fall detection will cost you $10, extended warranty +$5, $30 for GPS monitoring. It isn’t the full list of options you can get for additional money. If you have a large house and get afford getting this plan, check all possible options that can be added and enjoy full home security.

GetSafe Equipment/Devices/Features

What equipment is needed for you to get started using GetSafe? In this GetSafe security system review, we’re going to have a closer look at all the necessary equipment options:

  • Alert console. It doesn’t matter which service plan you’ll choose, each of this will contain this basic piece of equipment. As users mention in most GetSafe home security systems reviews, it fits any smart home design. The advantage of this model is that there is no need to have a landline for it.
  • Wireless mini console. It’s a convenient option that can be added for $100. Having this one,  calling an emergency service is as easy as ABC. One more benefit is its resistance to water. It means that you can use this wireless console anywhere in the house, including the bathroom.
  • Wall button. It’s possible to locate it anywhere in the house. Its cost is $35.
  • GPS Alert Button. Aren’t you at home? It isn’t the problem if you have this option. Choose any of the three available GetSafe home security system packages and pay a monthly fee of $30 to enjoy all the benefits of the GPS alert button. It’s the option that can provide you with the feeling of safety. If you need help, the system will determine your current location. As GetSafe security cameras reviews claim, the system works flawlessly. It reacts even if you don’t have a possibility to call to the operator on your own. There is a feature allowing speaking with the help of the microphone that is built in the GetSafe alert system. The main advantages of this system are resistance to water and an impressive life of its battery. (Enjoy over 100 hours of battery life).

Besides, there is an opportunity to get access to more options for an additional price. Among them are such as a wrist button (it’s the option you need to wear); the detector of smoke; life vial; lock box. All the options have been designed with the aim to protect you from any possible emergency. They can help you to survive, regardless of how difficult the situation is.

GetSafe  will call to 911 and you’ll get the necessary treatment. One more thing in the GetSafe home automation review we’d like to draw your attention to the benefits of such an option as vial of life ($8.95), they will get all the information about your health problems to start the treatment the right way.

GetSafe Control (App)

There is nothing difficult in controlling the GetSafe security service. No need to install anything to start using the chosen plan. You need just to pay a monthly fee, buy equipment, and download an app to have overall control over home security with the help of your mobile. It takes several minutes to download an app and use it, regardless of your location.

GetSafe Security System

GetSafe Customer Service

Most users of GetSafe would agree that it’s easy to use a system even if you have never used such systems before. Does it seem to be easy to install GetSafe but suddenly you’ve got several questions? It may happen to anyone and anytime. Don’t hesitate to contact customer support online. Competent specialists will help you to deal with any issue as quickly as possible. Helpful customer support will come to the rescue round-the-clock. Follow instructions on how to get started with GetSafe but if you find it difficult to understand something, request professional help. How to do this?

Nothing is easier than that as we have checked when preparing our GetSafe alarm system review. GetSafe users are offered to choose several available options. Contact customer support via phone, live chat, email, or even social networks. No need to check what time it is when sending a question to the customer support. The team of experts is always here to provide you with the guaranteed help whenever you need it. If to estimate the quality of the customer support, then it’s possible to say that it deserves the highest grade.

How to Order GetSafe?

Want to buy products from GetSafe security company? Nothing is easier than that. You’re welcome to enter the official site, check all the available plans, and choose the one you like most. If you find it difficult to make the right choice on your own, you are welcome to pass a specially designed quiz on the website. There are several simple questions that have been developed with the aim to help you choose the plan that will meet all of your personal requirements. After you choose the service plan, add it to the shopping cart, and submit your order. The manager will contact you at the earliest convenience. If you still have some questions about GetSafe, you can leave a comment and get feedback to your email.


Check the answers to the most frequently asked questions before you take the final buying decision.

Does GetSafe Require the Internet?

Yes, if you want to use GetSafe you need to make sure that you have access to the Internet. It’s a vital condition to start using all the GetSafe products and connect devices at home.

How Much Is GetSafe per Month?

Every month, you need to pay $24.95 monthly fee. The price doesn’t vary depending on the chosen GetSafe plan.

How to Cancel a GetSafe Account?

You won’t face any difficulties if you want to cancel your GetSafe account. You need just to enter the account you’ve created during the registration and choose the necessary option.

Does GetSafe Offer Free Installation?

There is no need to buy any special equipment to install GetSafe. Just place the equipment you’ve got wherever you want in the house and control everything via an app.

GetSafe Security System

Does GetSafe Work with Alexa?

The system works with Alexa alarms, indoor camera, pulse cameras, doorbell camera, and other options. This provides smart homeowners with a lot of opportunities.

Does GetSafe Work with Google Assistant?

Use Google Assistant in a combination with GetSafe products as they are compatible.

Conclusion: Is GetSafe a Good Choice for Your Security?

In conclusion of GetSafe smart home system, it’s possible to say that it’s a great option to choose. It has a lot of advantages over other products in the same niche. It’s convenient to use it wherever you want. The producer has designed three types of GetSafe plans with equipment options for any size of house. You need just to check what options are included and which one will fit your house best. Do you still ask yourself “Should I get this wireless security system?” If you have any doubts, you can always contact customer support and get more detailed explanations from competent specialists who will help you to choose the right option taking into account all your personal requirements and the parameters of your smart home.

With this smart security system, your house turns into a live organism where everything performs its own functions which all together are directed to provide the person with maximum comfort. The careful monitoring system will help not to worry about elderly parents who are at home while you are outside. Even in case of sudden falling, you can be sure that the system will call emergency. It’ll help to prevent any negative consequences that could take place in case the person didn’t have a possibility to call for help.

As for the pricing, it’s possible to conclude that it’s flexible and quite affordable. Your full safety costs only $24.95 per month. As for additional features, they are optional and can be chosen depending on how much money you can afford to spend on the 24/7 monitoring system. Get equipment for sale from a reputable company and forget about all the worries regarding the security of your house and your loved ones.

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