CenturyLink Review

Overall Score: 3 out of 5

  • Price: 4
  • Equipment/Devices: 5
  • Customer Service: 1
  • Features & Technology: 3
  • Ease to Use: 3 o


Centurylink is a company with a long history. It provides not only CenturyLink home security plans, but it also cable TV, phone, and internet provider. Like any huge corporation, it comes with specific benefits and drawbacks. When you are asking yourself: “Should I get one of the plans or maybe some alarms offered by this firm?”, consider all the benefits and drawbacks that come with any offer.


  • CenturyLink is an all-in-all provider. If a customer is already using its internet or any other services, he/she can also request a home security plan;
  • CenturyLink home security price is affordable if you consider that you get the basic equipment for free;
  • Equipment is included for free;
  • Packages are designed for any budget and any needs.


  • CenturyLink reviews show that the company has unsatisfactory customer support services;
  • Centurylink home security systems reviews tell that equipment fails constantly and requires constant maintenance;
  • Centurylink security cameras reviews also provide the data that to get home security system packages, a client needs to use the firm’s services already;
  • Centurylink reviews also tell that if a company offers packages at a special price, it never informs when the promotion ends and the client is obliged to pay a full price for all the included services;
  • The minimal contract length is three years;
  • The warranty period for equipment is one year only;
  • If you aren’t happy with the system, you have 3 days only to return the items and to terminate the plan. If you don’t do it within the stated period, you still can terminate the contract, however, you should pay the entire sum;
  • No trial options are offered;
  • The home security service is limited geographically. It is intended for those CenturyLink clients who reside in Los Angeles, the surrounding area;
  • The items are supposed to be used with Alexa and Google Home. None CenturyLink home automation review offers any instructions on how to sync these assistants with your CenturyLink smart home.


The Bottom Line

Centurylink is a company that provides complex solutions: TV, phone, the internet. Only for those users who already use the company`s services and live in a specified location, home security plans are available.

Even though Centurylink pricing looks reasonable, the enterprise is not able to provide proper services. Many CenturyLink home security reviews state that the equipment fails too frequently, and the customer support is the worst ever. The reason might be that this service is still completely new and the staff simply isn’t trained enough to provide top-quality services in the home security niche.

In several CenturyLink security system reviews, customers inform that the firm never warns about the end of their promotions. If a client is not attentive enough, he/she might end up paying significantly more than expected.

If you decide for a plan from CenturyLink, you agree to use the company`s services for three years. This is the duration of a contract that users need to sign. The option to terminate the contract exists but the payment shall be made anyway.

The app is developed by the enterprise. It offers a very smooth experience with any wireless security system. All the devices respond to any requests smoothly. The app is very easy-to-use. Some users report that it is not collaborative with Alexa. Neither it is with Google Assistant.


CenturyLink smart home pricing is affordable. The plans are designed to meet the needs of any customer with any budget. The firm offers the following plans:

  • Silver plan costs 34.99 USD per month. Clients should consider that this is just a monitoring fee. Equipment is already included in the package for free. Within the plan, you get 3 sensors, one special motion sensor, 2 smartplugs. Video monitoring services are included in the fee.
  • Gold plan is available for just 44.99 USD per month. Within the plan, you get all the equipment included in the previous package, plus a temperature management appliance. Video monitoring services are included.
  • Platinum plan can be purchased at 54.99 USD per month. Within this plan, you get one additional smartplug, door locks, a convenient control panel equipped with a touch screen, a remote video monitoring service. A 24/7 video monitoring service is offered.

For those who want more items, very attractive add-ons are available. It is worth mentioning though that the prices for CenturyLink items are not the cheapest. As an example: a panic button alone costs 55USD, and the price of a CenturyLink camera starts at 160 USD. If you consider though that the main equipment is given for free, such prices might be used to compensate for the free items.


CenturyLink aims to provide customers with all the needed equipment to keep your home safe and under control.

The available CenturyLink equipment options are the following:

  • Smart home equipment: here, you can select CenturyLink thermostats, to adjust the temperature of your accommodation. Smart door locks will help you to keep your home under control and stop worrying whether you locked the doors. Also, you can let your friends or relatives in if they are already at your door and you are late. Smart plugs and garage doors controllers complement the offer.
  • Outdoor and indoor camera, doorbell camera options are available, too. These are advanced cameras that serve their purpose finely. CenturyLink pulse cameras might be included in your monitoring system, too. Videos can be stored in a cloud. However, the company doesn’t mention how much space is allocated for it.
  • You have more options to add: CO detectors, tilt sensors, a panic button, and so on. CenturyLink offers the widest range of equipment for sale indeed. You can upgrade your smart home to the extent you require. Considering that this field is new for the firm, you can expect many more new items in the nearest future. It is expected that the firm soon will provide the home security services on the territory where it operates.

Control (App)

All three plans include professional monitoring via a special app. Within the monitoring offer, you get text & mail notifications, too.

The smart home items are controlled via the CenturyLink app. It works flawlessly on iOS and Android devices. What if you use a different mobile device? CenturyLink security reviews let the clients know that the most optimal option is to change your mobile device.

Via the CenturyLink app, you can check the videos from your cameras, control doors & windows, and so on. The access is performed via the CenturyLink internet connection.

The app can be downloaded and installed easily. It is easy to navigate. CenturyLink users don’t need to have any experience to manage their smart home via the CenturyLink app.CenturyLink

Customer Service

CenturyLink claims that their customer service is available during their office hours: from Monday till Friday. You can get in touch with an agent via phone, mail, or in a live chat.

CenturyLink smart home reviews though add some negativity to the customer support experience. From CenturyLink home security system reviews, clients can learn that there is no dedicated line for the home security section. All the requests and claims connected with TV, phone, Internet, and home security services are accepted via the same line. So, when you call, and many Century security cameras reviews confirm it, you should wait until you are redirected to a specialist who can assist you.

If you believe however that your problem is going to be solved, you are mistaken. Almost every CenturyLink review lets you know that the customer support agents are rarely helpful. Clients complain that the staff doesn’t know a lot about the home security offer and items. All in all, the experience from the customer support service is absolutely negative.

Those who are tech-geeks can use a different option though. On the enterprise website, a link is available from which you can download all the guides and instructions on the company`s items. So, if you know at least something about technology, most likely, you will not have any need to call or write to CenturyLink customer support.

How to Order

You don’t need to make many efforts to order equipment. To start with, you shall be already a client of the firm. Then, you know how all works. You contact a representative and either agree with him/her on the installation terms, and discuss all the details, or you place your order after selecting a plan that attracts you most.

If you believe that you need more items, you can add them at any time.


Does CenturyLink Require the Internet?

Yes, CenturyLink house automation and alarm systems work with the internet connection. The equipment doesn’t work with a cellular connection. Therefore, if the internet fails, your home stays without protection and monitoring.


How Much Is CenturyLink per month?

The enterprise offers three plans, each of them at a fixed monthly fee. The basic package Solver plan and costs 34.99 USD every month. A more advanced package is Golden Plan and costs 44.99 USD every month. Finally, Platinum plan is even more advanced and is offered at 54.99 USD every month. All the CenturyLink plans include smart home items. All of them offer CenturyLink monitoring services. If you compare any CenturyLink security system review and pricing with the prices for plans offered by other companies, you will see that the initial investment is a little bit high. However, if you consider that all the equipment is given for free, and you already have some service provided by CenturyLink, so, it might be worth the money.

How to Cancel a CenturyLink Account?

If you have decided to cancel your CenturyLink account, you need to call them. There are different phone numbers for local clients and remote customers. There is no option to cancel or close your account on your own.

In any CenturyLink home automation review, it is stated clearly that the company charges all the money that you would otherwise pay until the contract ends. It means that even if you notify them in advance about your wish to stop using their services, you still pay for them.

The company is also not the right option for you if you are looking for options to check and select from them. There is no trial period, though it would be logical to have it. If you remember, only the company`s clients can install CenturyLink home security items. You are allowed to get the items, and if you aren’t happy with it, you should return it within 3 days from the purchase date. If you fail to do so, the contract starts. If you decide to terminate the contract thereafter, you should pay the full price.

How long Has CenturyLink Been in Business?

Is CenturyLink a good company? If you consider its history and achievements, you conclude that it should be one of the best companies in many niches. The company started its existence in 1930, even though at that time, it was called not CenturyLink but Oak Ridge Telephone Company.

In 1971, the enterprise got the name Century Telephone. This name can be already connected with the modern brand name of the company. After some more rebranding cases, the company finally got its current name in 2010.

CenturyLink is a known provider of phone services, the internet and ethernet services, cloud computing services, and so on.

Does CenturyLink Offer Free Installation?

No, it doesn’t. Even though you, most likely, will require the professional installation for your items, you are obliged to pay for them. The installation fee depends on the plan and the location of the customer.


Does CenturyLink Work with Alexa?

CenturyLink is not very open about the collaboration matters with Alexa. It shall work with a voice assistant. Probably, it can happen if you make the needed setups in the apps and sync them. But this might not happen, either. Even though Alexa knows about CenturyLink, for now, it is unclear how the collaboration things actually are. CenturyLink has a special app to make Alexa promote their services, and every CenturyLink alarm system review lets you know about it.

Does CenturyLink Work with Google Assistant?

The CenturyLink security company is a modern provider of the most varied services. it should work with Google Assistant. However, for now, it is unclear how the integration or syncing happen and if they happen. If you consider that CenturyLink home security systems are a rather new offer, you might conclude that more features will be added.

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