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Usually, potential clients come up with one list that involves several home security companies. They compare them with prices, devices, and contracts. ADT security alarm systems are as old as the hills. Thus, if you have never known its solutions, it might seem relatively strange. However, their long-run in the market does not only relate to time-proven solutions. They have some drawbacks that can frighten away customers. Let’s cover the essentials you MUST know before choosing ADT home security systems.

Overall Score – Poor as per Trustpilot

  • Price – $36-62
  • Equipment/Devices – Cameras, smart home, sensors, detectors
  • Customer Service – Average
  • Features&Technologies – Z-Wave, Nest compatibility, Alexa, Amazon
  • Easy to Use – Professional installation from experts

Overall Score: 4.8

  • Price – 4.8
  • Equipment/Devices – 4.8
  • Customer Service – 4.9
  • Features & Technology – 4.8
  • Ease to Use – 5.0

ADT Security System

ADT Home Security Reviews of Pros and Cons

Nowadays, those who look for reliable security devices and features should turn to ADT alarms systems at first instance. They can accommodate many requests regarding the safety of one’s house or apartment. Besides, they have been long in the market, and now most of the US residents are aware of what this company provides. Such popularity is quite great for executives and their profit. But, not everything is bright as it may seem. ADT home security company works with third-parties that provide maintenance and installation of features for people. Thus, it is a common practice when the current clients have completely different feedback about customer service. One may get frustrated because of misunderstanding, others are satisfied and recommend ADT to friends and relatives. Thus, do not expect exceptional services. What else?


  • Branches across the country;
  • Around the clock monitoring;
  • Most popular home security company;
  • Same day installation;
  • Money-back guarantee;
  • Free of charge monitoring with SafeStreets.


  • No wide choice of cameras;
  • Commitment to contracts;
  • Pricy features and plans.

Even though the benefits prevail, the drawbacks may become the governing factor. Besides, as per ADT security cameras reviews, many people mention that their plans do not suit renters.

Is ADT a Good Company? The Bottom Line

Unlike the competitors, ADT home security company does not follow the contracts-free option. They charge for everything, and their systems are quite pricey. The company does not have a wide range of cameras and can be inconsistent in customer services. It frustrates because other companies understood how to attract more clients with no commitments and no installation fees. However, if clients seek a reliable and time-proven company with more than 140 years in the business, they should not look for other parties.

If you want to check whether they are really popular, roam around your districts, there should be many logos and lawn sings you can easily recognize. All in all, the ADT security company is a good choice for those who care about trust and want to have practicability. This company has monitoring branches located across the country. Thus, you won’t find it hard to reach one or ask for a technician’s help. But, if your paying capacity is limited, opt for similar services.

ADT Security System

ADT Pricing

As you may see the ADT prices are quite HUGE because other security companies offer packages below $40 per month. Besides, some may also offer free installation. ADT does not make advances, however from time to time there are some special offers.

If speaking deeper about the plans, they all have some similarities. For example, you will automatically access a professional installation from technicians. The same concerns a contract. Yes, unlike Vivint or Frontpoint where there is no commitment, you are tied with ADT company to 3-years contract that, in turn, will make you face some cancellation fees upon changing the system. Be ready to cover approximately 70-75% of the remaining fees.

Moreover, all the plans come with an obligatory essential kit that, in turn, includes sensors, keypad, and detectors for smoke, CO and motion.

The difference is in the functionalities. For instance, a Complete Plan perfectly fits those who live in rural areas where landline only can work properly. A Premium Plan allows users to integrate it with major voice commands like Alexa, and enjoy cellular monitoring. With Command Tier I, you can access the mobile application. WIth Command Tier II a live video. And the last plan and the most expensive one Command Tier III let you enjoy ADT smart home.

One great bonus for existing clients with ADT home security price and for those who have recently subscribed to ADT security systems, they have a 6-month money-back guarantee in case one does not want to use them anymore.

ADT Review of Equipment/Devices/Features

Even though ADT home security company has many plans and options for their clients, they aren’t advanced in cameras. However, other equipment for sale is quite decent and can really provide one with complete peace of mind.

HD Video Cameras

ADT company provides clients with an indoor camera as well as with the outdoor option for security. Only recently, they introduced a doorbell camera, and frankly speaking it misses the quality. As per their official statements, all of them are HD in 1080 resolution but an indoor option has a maximum of 720p. Besides, one drawback there is no two-side audio. Thus, you cannot inform your children about any behavior or dogs to stop spoiling the furniture. No pulse cameras.

ADT Security System

ADT Smart Home

As per ADT smart home reviews, one can use geo-fencing and control lights and thermostats. Clients can integrate the systems with voice commands. But, unfortunately, the option to connect to Google Assistant is still missing. Besides, there is the Amazon Echo. Arm and disarm the security panels. ADT company uses Z-Wave and it helps clients to also apply third-party devices. In particular, Nest products. A smart home is very good regarding the functionality, but again the price may frustrate you. It is available only with the most pricy plan that will make you pay around $62 per month.

Touchscreen Panels

They are user-friendly with a simple design. Users claim that an ADT panel is good concerning the multi-lingual feature, you are not tied to English or Spanish only. And, it has a battery backup that as per estimations can service you around 12 hours. Thus, no storms or other power issues will deprive your house of safety and security.

Theft Protection

ADT home security company offers also at $9.99 per month an identity theft protection. Cameras and sensors allow monitoring centers to send you alerts and notifications about suspicious movements. Moreover, it guarantees protection from the fraudsters of the dark web. In particular, they ensure user’s credentials, ID’s, and other personal data is always secure from any unauthorized access or hacking.

Thus, ADT security system reviews allow one to equip a house with necessary devices. Voice commands, compatibility with Nest, Z-Wave technology, smart home, and backups for devices. Compared to Vivint and Frontpoint, ADT company does not lag behind but still, there are some works that have to be done, in particular, they need to fix the HD resolution, and offer more choices regarding the cameras.

ADT Security System Review of Mobile Application

As was said before you can access the ADT security mobile application only starting with the Premium plan. Thus, once you have it, the whole security is guaranteed for your home.

In fact, with its help, clients can check live videos from cameras, manage thermostat or air conditioner without standing up from the sofa, or when leaving a house. Or, again to use voice commands. Arm and disarm the systems remotely, receive alerts, control lights, lock or unlock the doors. ADT security systems also offer you to set up the control depending on the time of the day. For example, when you enter the house at night, it will automatically accommodate a comfortable light and temperature. Or, when sipping the last drops of coffee before going to work, you can open your garage.

ADT application is designated for both Android and iOs users. However, the ADT home automation review of the app feedback differs tremendously.

At Play Market, it has only a 3.9 score. Users mention that it is still far from perfect and is not very comfortable in usage. Videos take forever to load, and the interface seems too old-fashioned compared to other security apps.

At the App Store, you can come across a 4.7 score. But, if scrolling the actual feedback, users are also not satisfied with the quality and functionality of the application.

ADT Alarm System Review of Customer Service

It gets a little bit complicated when dealing with the rate of ADT home security company representatives. They work with third-parties that can greatly worsen the experience with ADT. Thus, a 140 years reputation can recede into the background when some technicians do not deliver proper services.

From the other side, your calls will be answered quickly, and ADT provides 24/7 support. Upon the request and at no additional cost, clients get the same day installation. They promise professional services from their technicians but it is a kind of lottery whom you will get for servicing.

Ratings of the ADT company with TrustPilot – 2.2 which is equivalent to poor. But, note such reviews may also look suspicious. Do not trust them blindly and if possible ask your friends who have their friends about their experience with this company. To crown it all, customer service is average but your essential needs or urgent help can be addressed promptly.

ADT Home Security Systems Reviews: Ordering Process

All the potential customers can order ADT home security packages and devices by calling their support team only. Those who are enrolled in the plan and want to add more devices or services can use the MyADT website, from where one can also manage the account, and check the current deals and status of monitoring.

If proceeding via the ADT official website, there is a button to get a free quote. Please, upon discussing the plans and features, make sure to confirm the total price at the end. The same, you can ask about the cancellation fees or professional installation.

ADT Home Security System Packages: FAQs

It is high time to summarize the ADT home security company. For your convenience, below you may find additional considerations and frequently asked questions that can help you understand whether ADT is for you or not.

Does ADT Alarm Systems Require the Internet?

It greatly depends on the security system you are enrolled in. For example, a Complete plan will be efficient only with a landline while all the other plans work with a cellular connection. Besides, the ADT company works with the wireless security system DSC 9057. And, in case there are power issues, all devices can still function.

ADT Security System

How Much Is the ADT Security Plans per Month?

The monthly fees for their plans start from $36 up to $62 depending on the package.

How to Cancel an ADT Alarms Systems Account?

Enter your personal account with the MyADT site, and cancel it there. Otherwise, contact customer support. Be ready to pay around 75% of the remaining cost.

How Long Has the ADT Company Been in Business?

ADT alarm systems company was founded in 1874 and serves US residents for more than 146 years.

Does the ADT Company Offer Free Installation?

No, it charges $99-$199 depending on the plan.

Does ADT Work with Alexa?

Yes, it does.

Does ADT Work with Google Assistant?

No, with ADT alarm systems, this feature is not compatible.

ADT security reviews show that this company is a great choice for those who do not have many requirements. Those, who do not want to possess versatile design with devices, and those who are ready to pay exorbitant prices for features and plans. Even though a company offers its clients many equipment options but some cameras are absent and not all of them have the highest resolution.

Should I get an ADT plan? You may have such a question but we highly recommend you scroll other systems like Vivint and Frontpoint that may offer you more solutions at low prices and with no commitment regarding the contracts. 36-months dedication to ADT company can become a burden. Thus, it is already possible to say that their plans do not fit renters who plan to relocate in a few years. Moreover, after reviewing all the options, you are 100% deprived of any fraud activity with this company because they provide one with anti-theft service at only $9.99 per month. All credentials, documents or any valid information during the communication with the ADT representatives are secure.

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