ADT vs. Ring: Choosing the Best Smart Home Security 

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure. It’s impossible if your relatives and belongings are not protected. Your safety is in your hands. It’s up to you to pick up a reliable and effective means to protect your house from break-ins and robbers.

The modern real estate security market alleges a broad spectrum of available options. Your task is to choose the sample that fits your commitments more. The companies are severe competitors. There is even ADT vs. Ring lawsuit. The above home security comparison chart allows you to become familiar with the services of two main leaders of the security market – ADT vs. Ring.

Similarities of the Two Home Security Companies

Before starting ADV vs. Ring comparison, let list the preeminent arguments why it’s worth installing alarm Ring or ADT systems for home:

  • Effective protection against housebreakers.

Most breaks-in occur in the middle of the day when citizens are in a job. Neither you nor your neighbors are able to keep an eye on the valuables. Yet, the smart cameras are able to do it for you. Statista says that burglary was the third most common crime within the USA in 2018. In New Mexico, they had 767.8 occurrences per 100,000 residents. New Hampshire had the lowest crime rate. It was 136,2 occurrences per 100,000 residents. Ring and ADT security plans solve this problem.

  • Awesome fire protection.

It takes an hour to destroy a typical dwelling by fire. The smart ADT or Ring systems are able not only to detect fire but to call the fire department, too.

  • Saving money.

An efficient smart secure system manages electricity. It’s an effective way to supervise and administer energy consumption. You are to count on a viral discount for house insurance if you have an alert set up.

  • The comfort of home automation.

Smart light curbs, door latches, and thermistors make your life easier and more convenient. You may not worry about an unlocked door anymore. You may close it with the help of your smartphone or tablet.

Here we compare ADT and Ring Alarm. ADT is a well-established firm in the home protection market. ADT has been working for about 145 years. Ring is a new-comer that is gaining popularity and authority. ADT and Ring have correlative and distinct traits. They both possess a number of significant advantages and disadvantages. So, let us see who is on the smart dwelling security market.

security home camera

ADT vs. Ring Comparison


Overall Score  – 8.7

  • Upfront Cost – $125
  • Monthly Monitoring Cost – $36,99 – $ 62,99/month
  • Equipment/Devices/Features – Z-Wave, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Easy to Use/Control (App) – ADT for Android 4.6/5, ADT for iOS 4.5/5
  • MoneyBack Guarantee – 6 months
  • Installation – professional
  • Customer Service – 8.1


Overall Score – 9.2

  • Upfront Cost – $125
  • Monthly Monitoring Cost – $0 – $10/month.
  • Equipment/Devices/Features – Z-Wave, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Easy to Use/Control (App) – Ring for Android 3.3/5, Ring foriOS 3.3/5
  • MoneyBack Guarantee – 30 days
  • Installation – DIY
  • Customer Service – 8.0

ADT vs. Ring: Main Dissimilarities You Should Pay Attention to

The best home security systems possess distinctive traits. It’s of prime importance to consider is the level of customer service. Ring vs. ADT comparison shows that both services have their fans. Yet, ADT is a professional system, while Ring is a DIY variant. You will feel the difference in all spheres – starting from installation and video monitoring. The ADT experts will do everything for you.

The next significant dissimilarity is the scope of application. ADT is good for both personal and public use. You can set it up in your dwelling or in the office. The accessible resources allow providing high-quality protection to any square. Ring Alarm is designed for dwelling applications only.

The same is correct about smart house compatibility. ADT functions with a wider range of gadgets. Ring Alarm proposes only smart lighting options.

Ring and ADT systems differ in the ways you can activate and deactivate them. You can do it with the help of the pre-installed app or on the mainboard. ADT proposes also a special button by pressing which you activate or deactivate the program.

The home security cost comparison is also very important. ADT and Ring firms have diverse prices. ADT monthly cost starts at $35.99 whereas Ring monthly cost is about $10.

ADT: Pros and Cons

ADT is one of the most reliable and helpful alerts. It has long working practices and hundreds of satisfied reviews. Before spending money on gadgets, it’s worth getting acquainted with ADT preeminent pluses and minuses.


  • Outstanding advantages – You entrust your safety to professionals. They audit and govern the situation 24/7. If something occurs while you are absent, you get the notification immediately. A STAY MODE provides you with perimeter protection while you are sleeping or at work. The service provides a broad spectrum of packages. You may pick up the most appropriate sample.
  • Professional customer service – Customer service is excellent. It’s done on the same-day or next-day. All the repairs are made by experts. ADT uses top-rate quality gadgets. It can be wireless or hardware.
  • Two-way audio – If you are extremely aware of your safety you can’t but appreciate the two-way audio on the main panel. It allows you to communicate with experts. ADT specialists can hear you and in case of danger send help even without your request.
  • Emergency notifications – The ADT professionals will also notify you about emergency cases. It’s very useful and helps to avoid possible tragedy. Nobody wants to return home when there are housebreakers inside. The concern with the total protection of every client is the principal advantage of the ADT system.


There are several disadvantages you should know about.

  • High price – The price comparison shows that ADT services are the most expensive ones. Yet, you get the full support and 24/7 control for your money. Some clients do not like the fact that there is no opportunity to sign up for a short-time contract. The standard contract length is 35 months.
  • No recordings available – One indicative disadvantage of ADT is the absence of audio on video recordings. Yet, sometimes it’s not enough to see a picture, you are forced to hear the sound.cyber security

Ring: Pros and Cons

The ring is a modern representative of high-level protecting services.  Here is what the company has on offer.


Compelling Ring pluses – You can’t but appreciate the adaptability and cost-saving factors. The monthly fee is affordable for everyone. Video quality is a point of pride of the Ring company. It’s possible to pick up the best cameras to be set up in your dwelling. The option of video sharing is also applicable. Unlike ADT analogs, there is audio on the Ring video recordings.
No registration – You don’t need to sign up for an agreement with Ring to become a client of the service.


The preeminent Ring minuses include the following:

  • The absence of a two-way speaker on the hub and key fob.
  • Ring doesn’t work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.
  • The quantity of trackers is limited.
  • You are forced to shop a Ring starter to start using the Ring service

ADT and Ring: Common Features

When we compare security companies, the first thing to consider is the monitoring option. Both Ring and ADT alerts offer 24/7 monitoring. You manage your dwelling from any corner of the planet. ADT vs. Ring comparison alleges an easy-to-use app that allows you to audit and administer the situation by yourself.

Both systems are wireless. You don’t need to think about endless cables through the house. The cellular backup is an ideal way out when you have problems with a stable Internet connection. The compared alerts allege such an option for their customers.

Video monitoring is one more correlative trait. The companies provide you with cameras that can cover both outside and inside areas. You also get keypad. There are several variants possible – digital panel, detached, Wi-Fi, carriageable, rechargeable. You enjoy convenient multiple keypad support. The equipage has hub buttery backup and extra siren support.

The most momentous common trait is that both alarm systems for home try to provide clients with a comfortable and customized set of options.

It’s worth mentioning the trackers the best-rated home security systems are equipped with. ADT has the following indicators:

  • Entrance;
  • Movements;
  • Gateway and Window Trackers;
  • Flood;
  • CO;
  • High temperatures;
  • Glass Break.

Ring Alarm alleges the following options:

  • Movements;
  • Entrance;
  • Smoke;
  • CO;
  • Water.


Ring vs. ADT review shows that there are humans who like the first variant more, and there are people who are fond of the second one. Ring is a self-monitored sample. It means it allows you to supervise your security. It’s you who supervise the situation. You have to call the police or the fire department in case of danger.  You don’t need to read long instructions. The Ring service is easy-to-apply and user-friendly. ADT is the best variant for those who wish to entrust their safety to other people.

home security

Available Packages

ADT offers a broad spectrum of packages; it is for this reason the company is considered the best self-monitored home security system. They differ in prices. It starts at $36.99. Nor every ADT plan has app control and security camera support.

Ring offers only two packages – self-monitored and professionally monitored. If you don’t crave the help of Ring professionals, you have to pay anything. Yet, it’s necessary to purchase the needed equipment.

Installation: Equipment You Need

You don’t need to do the installation by yourself when choosing ADT. The experts for it for you. The monthly price does not encompass the installation fee. The main ADT hub is not flexible.  You have to work hard to move the equipment to another room or house. The ring comes with clear DIY installation instructions. You don’t need to hire Ring experts.

camera installation

Emergency Connections

This option is available only for ADT clients. Thanks to the  ADT Remote Panic Button, it’s easy to call the police, fire department or medical service. You press the button and the managers call the emergency contacts. It’s up to you to solve what number should be included in emergency connections. Ring possesses no such functions.


When making a choice, you have to consider the level of protection you crave, the budget, and the number of additional options. ADT is something like All Inclusive in the world of security systems, while Ring is a budget-friendly variant for everyone.

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