Nest Review

Overall Score: 4.6

  • Price –  3.0
  • Equipment/Devices – 5.0
  • Customer Service – 5.0
  • Features & Technology – 5.0
  • Ease to Use – 5.0

Each homeowner wants to be sure of the security of his property. And now, technologies let people set and manage the security system by themselves. The automation of houses and the concept of the smart house became extremely popular technologies. In connection to this, Nest became a recognizable name on the market of security services. This company was bought by Google and broadened the range of its products. Many Nest reviews state that it’s the best solution for the house. Now people even don’t need to use the services of private security companies because Nest lets you do everything by yourself.

“Should I get this system for my home?”. This Nest security system review will help to find the answer to this question. It clearly stands out among similar security systems and not only because of its famous brand name.

Nest Security Systems

Pros & Cons of the Nest Monitoring System

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to create the equipment that will have no drawbacks. Moreover, each person has his or her own preferences, so no wonder that many Nest security system reviews aren’t 100% positive. But it mainly depends on the customer, the type of house, and person’s expectations as for the system. The process of choosing a wireless security system for the house is challenging. The market offers lots of smart home systems, and it’s really difficult to make the right choice.


  • Highest-quality equipment. All products of the Nest smart home system are constructed and produced to a higher standard, so people pay money not for the brand name, but for the quality.
  • Beautiful design. Some people highly appreciate good-looking devices, so the security system can even decorate your house.
  • Possibility to install and manage the system by yourself. The system is customizable, so only the owner decides where to put sensors and how to do it. The mobile app lets the owner change settings by one flick of the finger.
  • The properties of sensors are far beyond the simple control (they can light the person’s way at night, etc.).
  • It works well with other Nest devices (thermostat, Nest Hub, Nest mini).


  • It’s not cheap. The installation of this security system may cost a fortune, especially for the big house.
  • The customer service is poor sometimes.
  • The selection of security equipment may seem limited to some customers.
  • Fire and Co2 sensors aren’t included in the starter package.
  • You can’t use it with smart home devices produced by other companies.

What Is The Nest Security System?

Many Nest home security reviews are one-sided; it means that they concentrate mainly on the features or the installation of this equipment, not giving the complete overview of the product. In general, Nest is a modular security system for the home that consists of several elements that are connected through the Internet. If your aim is to provide security and the high price doesn’t confuse you, pay your attention to the Nest.

Besides an excellent working security system, it gives you the possibility of modification. The company offers other home automation equipment for sale, so you may buy additional products and create a smart home for yourself. You don’t need special knowledge to install it, especially since you don’t need to hire and pay someone to install it. If you wonder, “Is Nest a good company?” any review will answer you ‘yes.’ Otherwise, it wouldn’t become so popular and widespread. Make your house and modern-looking with smart devices.

How Much Does Nest System Cost?

The price is considered to be the greatest disadvantage of this product. To start, you need to order the Nest starter kit that will cost you 399$. This pack includes:

  • Nest Guard controller;
  • 2 Nest Detects;
  • 2 Nest Tags;

When the Nest security reviews state that its price depends on the number of cameras they mean that you need to buy additional equipment to constitute the full security system. It’s possible to expand the kit with Nest cameras, the doorbell camera, hub, etc. If you have a rather big house, the final price will be higher because you won’t do without additional purchase. The prices for additional equipment options are the following:

  • Tag – 29$.
  • Detect – 49$.
  • Outdoor Camera – 199$.
  • Indoor Camera – 199$.
  • IQ Outdoor Cam – 399$.
  • IQ Indoor Cam – 299$.
  • Nest Hello Doorbell – 229$.
  • Nest Thermostat (E) – 169$.
  • Nest Thermostat (3rd generation) – 249$.
  • Nest Home Security System Packages

Buying a security system presupposes that the videos from the camera will be stored in cloud storage, and the owner can download it and watch it at any time. The purchasing starter kit isn’t enough to do it. If you want the recording to be stored, you need to sign up for Nest Aware that requires a definite monthly fee. There’s a free package that lets you store the video only for 3 hours. For longer storage you may choose from the following options ( the prices indicated for a month):

  • 5-day video history – 5$.
  • 10-day video history – 10$.
  • 30-day video history – 30$.

It’s also possible to order professional monitoring via Brinks Home Security. The Nest pricing for this service:

  • 12-month contract – 30$ in a month.
  • 36-month contract – 25$ in a month.

As you may see, the Nest home security price is far above average. But these investments in additional equipment and professional monitoring can, first of all, help people feel safer, increase the level of safety, and the chance to catch a chief in case of theft.

Nest Security Systems

The components of the Nest Security System

As we’ve already mentioned, to protect the house, you need to buy a starter kit. As well as not so many people buy additional equipment, let’s look at the basic components in detail.

Nest Guard

It’s the essential device in the system. Guard has the keyboard used to enter the password to turn on and off the security. For better convenience, the owner can tap the Nest Tag. At the same time, the Guard acts as a source of alarms (it sends the notifications to your app) and motion sensor. The built-in accumulator lets this device work without power supply for 12 hours.

Nest Detect

These sensors are an absolutely new level in comparison with ordinary windows and door sensors. They are:

  • Motion sensors.
  • Lightning sensors.
  • Path lights.
  • Door and window opening sensors.

You can turn off some of them to let your pets in without deactivating the whole system. You’ll hardly find the same function in another security system.

Nest Tag

A lot of Nest smart home reviews from users state that these tags are a convenient way of quickly disarm and arm the system. You may hang it on your keys, and you’ll never lose it. The memory can betray you, and you’ll forget the password. Nest Tage will let you turn off the system without the password.

Camera options

This Nest review cannot but stop on the cameras of this system, although they’re not included in the starter kit. The company offers two types of cameras to choose from. Although they aren’t pulse cameras, their quality is amazing. There are standard indoor and outdoor cameras and IQ versions of them. According to the tech specifics and Nest security cameras reviews, both versions worth your attention. The distinctive features of IQ versions are:

  • More powerful microphones and speakers.
  • They record 4K videos.
  • The quality is good even at nigh.
  • They sen notification to an app when the camera sees a person (only with Nest Aware).

Mobile Application

This app is free and is irreplaceable for every user of this security system. It’s the available bot for IOS and Android systems and has quite a high rating in both stores. Developers constantly improve their work and design to make it more user-friendly. The main functions of the app are the following;

  • Turn on and turn off the security system.
  • See the home through Nest Cameras in real-time.
  • Get a notification (if someone is in the house).
  • Send notifications through the camera speakers.
  • Control the sensors and other devices.

Nest Security Systems

How Can Users Get Support?

The Nest security company developed high-quality products and cared for its customers. They know that such systems are new on the market, and it’s no wonder that some people can experience problems with installing and using it. Everyone can visit Nest Help Center and look through numerous articles to find the instruction or solution to the problem.

It’s also possible to contact managers directly. To do it, the user should select the support option and choose a convenient way of contacting: through social media (Twitter, Facebook) or phone calls.

Finding the Nest alarm system review or visiting the forum or users is also a possible way to find the answers to your questions. Although Nest’s customer support service work is excellent.

Where to Order The Nest Secure Home System?

Although there are lots of online shops and stores that sell Nest products, we advise you to order it on the official website. If the shipping to your region is impossible, find the official distributor in your country. Choose the necessary package and order additional equipment if your house is large and wait until the system is delivered. Everything is easy. Check the workability of each unit, and be sure that if one of them is defective, the Nest will replace it with a new one.


Does Nest Require the Internet?

Yes, this system needs a Wifi Internet connection to send notifications to your mobile phone. This Nest home automation review advises you to purchase a cellular backup that will let your system work even if the internet connection at your home is broken. Cellular backup helps to use the functions of the system in full.

How Much Is Nest per Month?

The basic package without additional services doesn’t require you to pay a monthly fee. If the user wants to take the full advantage of having a security system and watch the recorded video, he or she should pay 5, 10, or 30$ in a month, depending on the time of storage of video in the cloud. The professional monitoring services will cost you 30$/month for a 1-year contract and 24$/month for a 3-year contract. The cellular backup price is 5$ a month or 50$ a year. The starter pack of equipment costs 399$, but be ready to buy some extra devices.

How to Cancel a Nest Account?

Each client can cancel the account at any moment. It can be done through the mobile app. Open the Setting in the app and find the section “Manage subscription,” open it and select the option “Cancel subscription.” Choose the option that needs to be canceled and accept your choice. You may also do it online through the account of the official website.

Nest Security Systems

How Long Has Nest Been in Business?

The Nest Labs was based in 2010 and founded by the former Apple engineers. The  learning Thermostat was their first revolutionary product. In 2014, the company was bought by Google LLC and began to develop significantly. Now it’s one of the leaders in producing smart home devices.

Does Nest Offer Free Installation?

Nest security is the system with a DIY installation. It means that you should install it by yourself. That’s, by definition, free. Lots of various Nest home security system reviews provide detailed instructions and tips for installing the system. Moreover, the guide is also available in a mobile app. It won’t take you more than 30 minutes to install all sensors and set up the system.

Does Nest Work with Alexa?

At the very beginning, the compatibility with third-party devices was one of the company’s principles. Recently the company stated that they no longer will work with other home automation companies. As a result, these security devices, unfortunately, don’t work with Alexa. Various Nest home security systems reviews prove this fact.

Does Nest Work with Google Assistant?

The Nest devices are the products of Google, so it inherently works with the Assistant. Moreover, it’s an irreplaceable option that lets the user control all devices with the voice. You may ask the products to do some things and check their status.

Final Say

You shouldn’t limit the powers of this company exclusively to their thermostats. This review should help you decide whether this security system is right for you or not. It’s the possibility to not only to protect your house but to become close to home automation. If you have enough money to invest in it, you may do so and be sure that they were wasted. You’ll never regret this purchase.

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