Canary Home Security Review

There is a large number of home security systems. It’s possible to divide them into advanced, simple, and too simple systems. What type of system is Canary? According to Canary reviews, the Canary smart home system stands out, primarily by the fact that it can really be called “smart” – the doorbell camera reacts not only to various events, such as opening or closing doors but also to unusual signals, for example, unusual opening times of doors in an apartment. Want to learn more about how this system differs from the rest of the security systems available on today’s market? Read Canary review and find out what features make this home security system one of the most popular systems that are chosen by hundreds of smart homeowners.

Overal Score – 4.0

  • Price – 4.0
  • Equipment/Devices – 4.0
  • Customer Service – 4.0
  • Features & Technology – 4.0
  • Ease to Use – 4.0

Canary Home Security


Is Canary a good company? Let’s first talk about the advantages in our Canary security system review. According to the developers and Canary security reviews, one block should be enough for reliable monitoring of the apartment. But you can install several blocks, if the apartment is large, or if you live in a house. Since the device is equipped with a motion sensor, it can respond to the appearance of a moving object in the “field of view” by sending a corresponding notification. At the same time, according to the Canary alarm system review, the system is able to distinguish between the movement of an object the size of a cat and the movement of an object the size of an adult. It can distinguish even the device’s owner by various parameters, so if you go to the kitchen to drink some water at night, you won’t get a signal on your smartphone or a siren.


  • Reliability;
  • Easy-to-anjust system;
  • Motion sensor;
  • System of notifications.

Over time, this monitoring system remembers when you get home, how you usually behave at home, what your habits are (well, for example, at 17:00 you go to smoke on the balcony) and other details. All this can significantly reduce the number of false alarms of the system. The system can detect movement, changes in temperature and humidity, opening and closing doors and other things. So, what can this gadget do?

  • Monitor the condition of the room, notify the siren;
  • Remote control from a smartphone;
  • Equipped with a good video camera and microphone;
  • Record and transmit information;
  • Assess temperature, humidity, and air quality.

There are many advantages to using Canary. Are there cons? It is difficult to find disadvantages in this smart device. The only feature that can be considered a possible disadvantage is the price of the service. The membership cost may seem to be a bit high for some users. But it’s definitely worth it.


  • Price;
  • Not intuitive app interface.
  • The Bottom Line

Canary Smart Home Security is a whole complex that allows you to monitor what is happening in the house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Canary Smart Home Security is equipped with a powerful camera and motion sensor. She does not just look and record what is happening, literally remembers the faces of all residents and guests of the house and signals if a stranger appears in the house, or records an extraneous movement. Thanks to wide-angle HD optics, the camera is capable of capturing images in 1080p resolution with a viewing angle of 170 °.

The built-in IR-filter allows the camera to shoot with high resolution even in the dark, which means your house will be monitored throughout the day. Video from the camera is stored in the cloud service for 30 days, which allows you to access the video online at any time through a special application for iOS/Android, or from your PC using a web browser. Thanks to the encryption of the banking signal, your data is protected and will not be accessible to intruders.

The smart Canary Smart Home Security system is connected by cable only to the mains; a Wi-Fi module is used to connect to the Internet. The Canary system can also be used as a siren, which scares intruders, as it is capable of emitting a loud sound signal of 90 DB. All Canary home security systems reviews claim that the level of security and notifications can be configured through the application. The Canary system is able to learn and after some time it will stop sending “false” notifications about visitors, remembering family members and your friends. In addition to a camera with a motion sensor, the Canary system has sensors for temperature, quality, and humidity. According to Canary smart home reviews, Canary Smart Home Security is a great solution to “keep an eye” on the house and its residents while you are at work or away.

Canary Home Security

Canary Pricing: How Much Is Your Security?

So, Canary home security looks like a really great purchase. How much does it cost to protect your home from intruders? According to Canary security system reviews, the price varies depending on the services you get. If you have one device and want to use all the advantages offered to the members, you should pay either monthly ($9.99) or annually ($99). If you pay for the whole year immediately, you’ll be able to enjoy 2 months of getting services for free.

Do you have more than one device and want to connect all of them? No problem. It won’t cost you too much. If you have more than five gadgets you’d like to connect, you will have to pay an extra $4.99 per each of the devices. There is also a possibility to pay for the whole year in one lump sum ($49). As you can see, Canary pricing is flexible. Home security system packages cost an affordable price for such a top-quality service.

Canary Equipment Options/Devices/Features

Canary can by right be called the 1st home security tool for everyone. The dimensions of the device are small – height: 15 cm, width: 9 cm. It’s a startup based in New York, funded by the crowdfunding service IndieGoGo. It offers all users to protect their homes with a simple device. Canary is a device equipped with a camera capable of recording HD-video with a resolution of 720p, several sensors (temperature, humidity, motion sensors) and a Wi-Fi module for connecting to the Internet. To get started with Canary, just install the application on your mobile phone. The demo video perfectly illustrates the essence of the device: Canary is able to send warnings about sudden changes in temperature, loud sound or movement, preventing a fire or illegal entry into the house. As soon as the device notices something unusual, it will offer you a choice of three options for further actions:

  • Send a message to someone,
  • Call the police,
  • Turn on the loud siren in the hope of scaring the robber.

Like the Nest thermostat, Canary can learn, which will reduce false alarms to a minimum. Up to 4 Canary devices can be installed in the same house. This device is mounted either on a wall/ceiling or mounted on any horizontal surface. Of course, it’s better to place the device somewhere in the center, and not on the loggia/basement. Setting up the device is simple. You need to turn on the device, connect it to your home Wi-Fi network, and register with the Canary Cloud service by downloading the corresponding application on your smartphone. Of course, for the normal operation of the device, you need to have a Wi-Fi network and a smartphone-based on iOS or Android platforms.

Canary Home Security

Control (App)

By installing the appropriate application on your smartphone, you can connect to Canary remotely. For example, after receiving a notification about the increased temperature on your smartphone, you can connect to the device’s camera to see what is happening. Of course, if the house has a fire and the Wi-Fi router has already burned out, it will not work, but Canary warns of such things long before the event went into a fatal phase.

If the connection is lost with the device, a notification will be sent to the smartphone. The developers created the Canary Cloud service, which is the “brain” of the device. It is there that the data received by the device is processed. The device has internal memory, but it is small, and it is designed to buffer data when transferring data to the Canary Cloud. According to the developers, when connecting to the Canary/service, it is SSL (HTTPS). Video and audio, when uploaded to the service, are encrypted with an AES-256 key. Third-party repositories/FTP are not supported.

Customer Service

As an additional service, round-the-clock support is offered: if the owner cannot timely respond to a warning in case of entry into the home, the duty officer will call the police. Also, if desired, you can extend the storage period of the history of events on Canary servers (by default, events are stored for several weeks). As it’s mentioned in any Canary home automation review, customer support works quickly and effectively offering instant help online.

How To Order Services from Canary Security Company?

Want to buy Canary home security? Nothing is easier than that. Just enter the official website, choose the device for home security, and add it to the shopping cart. Check if everything is correct and proceed to checkout. You can use a promo code to get a discount for the products in the cart. Get equipment for sale. Don’t worry that the price may change. It may change only until you submit your order. If you still have some questions, you’re welcome to ask them anytime as customer support works round-the-clock. Friendly and competent managers will always come to the rescue.


Check the answers to the most commonly asked questions in Canary security cameras reviews.

Does Canary Require the Internet?

Yes, you need to have Wi-Fi to use the Canary home security system. It’s a wireless security system.

How Much Is Canary per Month?

The cost of the Canary security is 9, 99 pounds monthly fee. Canary home security price is flexible and can be paid monthly or for the whole year at once.

How to Cancel a Canary Account?

There is nothing difficult if you want to cancel using Canary. You need to make several simple steps to cancel getting the premium services. Just enter the account you’ve created when you registered an account and mention why you’d like to stop getting the service. Cancel the Canary security payment plan.

Does Canary Offer Free Installation?

The Canary installation is free of charge. So, install the home security app and get started.

Does Canary Work with Alexa?

Canary is compatible with the famous Alexa. You’ll enjoy their effective work that is flawless.

Does Canary Work with Google Assistant?

The good news is that Google Assistant works with Canary, which makes it easy and convenient to control your home.


Should I get Canary services? After checking trusted Canary home security reviews, it’s possible to conclude that Canary is an innovative security system for smart homes. The Canary smart home system is currently the only device with a wide range of features. Inside the ergonomic case is a 720-megapixel camera with a high-quality lens that provides night vision function. The system is controlled from a regular smartphone (iPhone, Android). Any alarming changes are recorded (signs of fire, hacking) and sent to the phone (or phones).

The Canary System can operate as a geographical zone identifier. It automatically recognizes the presence of a telephone within range. The phone receives notifications in any case, wherever it is. How to respond to an alarm if you are not at home? After the notification comes to the smartphone, you decide what to do – call the police, call the neighbors, or come home on your own. Perhaps turning on the siren will be enough. The control system is equally effective and does not depend on your location. It will protect your loved ones, pets, property, which are at home. A smart indoor camera and pulse cameras can surprise you by capturing the habits of residents of the house and independently draws smart conclusions. The device only needs a Wi-Fi connection. Complex installation is not required – just download the application and the configuration will happen automatically.

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