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Looking for a quality solution to rest assured about the safety of your home and belongings? Then consider the Brinks system Keep reading to reveal all the features and functional possibilities of the solution.

Overall Score: 3.6

  • Price: 4
  • Equipment/Devices: 4
  • Customer Service: 5
  • Features & Technology: 5
  • Ease to Use: 4


Brinks is a company that evolved as a result of merging and rebranding of MONI and LiveWatch. The company has a very long experience and provides unique benefits to its clients. After rebranding in 2018, some clients are still wondering how it will be. Brinks home security systems reviews inform that the company has been famous for decades, and now, it completely corresponds to the previously gained reputation. It comes with some drawbacks, too.


  • Brinks provides a 2-year guarantee for its equipment for sale, all equipment options. From Brinks reviews, you can learn through that this guarantee is available for those clients who pay a one-time installation fee of 199 USD.
  • The firm offers 24/7 monitoring of the client`s house.
  • Your wireless security system is monitored via a smartphone, easily, accessible from any location where the internet connection is available.
  • Brinks security reviews will tell you, and this information is available on the company website, that you can return an item or a system within 30 days from the date of the purchase. The payment for the items, services, upfront payments will be refunded in full.
  • Brinks gives not only home security system packages but home automation items, as well. You can purchase everything to arrange Brinks smart home, safe and friendly.
  • Every Brinks alarm system review tells that the enterprise gives different contracts at specified rates. From the Brinks pricing policy, it becomes clear that the company offers fixed contracts. Within a contract, for a fixed price, you get a set of items.
  • Alarm.com can be neatly integrated into the Alexa platform and has built-in Google Assistant.
    Items are replaceable, they can be purchased not only from Brinks but from some more sources.
    DIY installation of all the Brinks items is possible.


  • Any Brinks review will inform you that the famous 2-year guarantee is not available for those clients who don’t pay a one-time installation fee (199 USD) but prefer a monthly payment of 10 USD.
  • One-time installation cost is high.
  • With any Brinks contract, you sign a commitment for the duration of three years with the enterprise.
  • Even though security systems work both with WiFi and a cellular connection, cameras work exclusively with WiFi. It makes them more vulnerable.
  • When a client decides to cancel the services before the contract expires, Brinks still takes 80% of the established monthly payment.
  • Quoting and ordering procedures are time-demanding.
  • There is not sufficient information on the website about plans, this information should be acquired either from reviews or by testing the service.
  • There is no free installation service. Your payment for a package covers installation costs.


The Bottom Line

Brinks is an established company in the market. Even the companies that founded it have been around for quite a long time. It offers all types of monitoring system options for the home. Prices are not the cheapest but affordable. There are various plans aimed at clients with different income levels. The company`s equipment can be installed by a Brinks specialist of you can install it yourself. It is a good option for those who love when a choice is available.


Is Brinks a good company? It for sure is. But about Brinks home security price options, you can learn either from Brinks security system reviews or after completing a long form online. The company doesn’t provide information about prices online. At the very end of a long questionnaire, you will get an offer to leave your phone number. The firm will schedule a phone call to discuss with you the needed details.

The entire procedure could be much simpler. Clients need to read Brinks home security reviews instead of getting an approximate price online. Only from Brinks smart home reviews, you can learn that the firm offers several plans with different conditions and equipment:

Smart Security Essential

  • The installation (equipment) costs 199 USD;
  • In the equipment set, one motion sensor, one special sign for yard installation, and 2 sensors (for doors or windows) are included;
  • 3 years of 24/7 Brinks monitoring services;
  • 2 years of guarantee on equipment.

Smart Security Complete

  • The installation (equipment) costs 499 USD;
  • In the items set, 2 motion sensors, 3 sensors for doors/windows, 1 camera for indoors, 1 sign for yard installation, and 2 stickers are included;
  • 2 years of guarantee on equipment.

Smart Security Ultimate

  • The installation (equipment) costs 1,099 USD;
  • In the equipment set, you receive included a touch control panel, 3 sensors for installation on doors or windows, 2 sensors to detect motion, 2 cameras: 1 doorbell and 1 for outdoor installation, 1 sign for yard installation, and 2 stickers;
  • 2 years of guarantee on equipment.

To learn about monitoring prices, clients also need to look for the data in Brinks security cameras reviews. The clients can choose between 2 monitoring plans:

  • Home Complete, for 29 USD/month, with home automation functionality and an app for smartphone;
  • Home Complete with Video, for 39 USD/month, the same options as with the previous plan but with video.


The equipment for sale offered by Brinks is affordable. As an example, a smoke detector is just 89 USD, and an outdoor camera is just 249 USD. From home security systems reviews you can learn about the pros and cons of Brinks items.

Cameras provided by Brinks security company, it means outdoor cameras only have the field of vision of just 880 which is very little for an outdoor camera. The indoor camera, the field of vision is 1130 and 1000, horizontal and vertical, which is already acceptable.

The cameras work with WiFi connection, no cellular. It means that if the internet is off, the pulse cameras become useless. This is a significant drawback if we consider that a security system offered by the enterprise relies both on WiFi and a standard cellular connection.

The doorbell camera lacks the resolution, however, other features are amazing. The 1800 field of vision is perfect. The night vision feature offers the night vision to the distance of up to 8 feet. The same applies to a motion sensor. The camera has a two-way talk function, too. You can communicate with the person who is at your door.

If you are a fan of home automation, you are right with Brinks. The most widespread home automation systems are supported:

  • Alexa;
  • Nest;
  • Google Assistant.

The most popular equipment for home automation is:

  • Water sensors to detect and alarm about floods;
  • A video doorbell, to see who wants to pass by or is roaming around;
  • A sensor for a garage door, to protect your garage from a break-in;
  • Cameras for outdoor and indoor installation;
  • Smoke detectors;
  • A freeze sensor.

Any Brinks security system review informs that the security systems of this firm are powered by Alarm.com. It means that the enterprise doesn’t offer exclusive items. They are available from some more providers. If you want to add some items, you look for more affordable options.


Control (App)

Brinks app is provided by Alarm.com. The app is reliable, easy-to-use, and has one of the highest ratings among similar apps on Google Play: 4 out of 5.

With the app, you can:

  • Enable and disable the system;
  • Receive notifications and alerts;
  • Watch videos from any of your cameras;
  • Turn on, turn off or dim the lights;
  • Check locks, lock or unlock them;
  • Check and regulate the temperature.

A Brink alarm system review lets you know though that alarms from a doorbell camera are sometimes delayed a lot. They come so late that visitors who were knocking at the door might leave without getting any reply. Now, you are asking yourself: “Should I get the system?” The systems are good, and the delays with notifications might be just a matter of poor setup.

Alarm.com neatly syncs with Alexa, Nest, and has built-in Google Assistant. The integration with Alexa and other voice systems is easy. Detailed instruction is provided on the official Brinks website. To activate Google Assistant, you need to let Alarm.com know that you need it.

Customer Service

The customer service is available day and night. You can chat with an agent in a live chat. You can call, the phone is provided. Normally, a customer agent can assist with the most common problems such as fees, plans, equipment, and similar. If some of your items got broken, you need to request the services of a technician.

On the official website, you can also find an extensive FAQ section. There, the main issues and questions are discussed, such as:

  • All the matters about the systems and hardware;
  • The matters of professional monitoring;
  • Any other matters that usually arise by the majority of clients.

In the Articles section, you can find detailed instructions on how to set up items, integrate them with smart platforms, and similar. There, you will also find a description of a cancellation procedure and information about the fees connected with early cancellation.

How to Order

The ordering process is straightforward. On the website, you provide the requested data. Then, you give your phone number for a Brinks representative. They contact you to talk in detail about the offers. You decide on the plan and schedule the installation.

Once agreed on the date and the plan, you get the items installed and setup fast. This is a definite advantage of the company.


Does Brinks Require the Internet?

Yes, every Brinks home automation review informs you that items need the internet. The systems though work with a cellular connection, too. The fact that cameras work with the internet only is a drawback. If a thief manages to disable the internet, Brinks cameras will be useless. Sensors and other items still will do their job.

How Much Is Brinks per Month?

You can choose your monthly fee: 29 USD or 39 USD. The difference between the two plans is that the cheaper option is without video.

How to Cancel a Brinks Account?

You can call them directly. The phone number is available on the Brinks website in the Articles section. The Brinks team sends all the instructions regarding the cancellation. A standard procedure is applied with a 30-days notification. If you decide to cancel before, Brinks charges 80% of one-month expenses.

If you have a contract (the minimum contract term is three years) and want to cancer Brinks account before the contract expires, Brinks may still take 80% of the established monthly fee.

How Long Has Brinks Been in Business?

Brinks has been in business for quite a while. The company was famous for the provision of armored trucks, the provision of security services to financial institutions, government representatives, and so on. In 1983, the history of Brinks Home Security started. In 2009, the company changed its brand name for Broadview. Only in 2018, Brinks reentered the business under its own brand name and has been operating since then.

Does Brinks Offer Free Installation?

No, Brinks doesn’t offer free installation. The installation costs are included in the package. You can also install and setup Brinks devices on your own. Those are completely DIY devices. In such a case you might not pay for the installation.


Does Brinks Work with Alexa?

When you are asking yourself: “Should I get Brinks items if I need something that works with Alexa?” there is good news for you. Brinks items are compatible with Alexa and with any home automation system.

Alexa can enable and disable the system, ask the app to stream videos from installed cameras, check the temperature in your home and adjust it before your arrival, and perform the standard functions of an AI assistant.

To allow Alexa to handle all these things, do the following:

  • Install the item that shall be controlled by Alexa;
  • Activate in your app voice control;
  • Download Alexa on your mobile device;
  • Turn on the Brinks item.
  • Sync it with Alexa.

That’s it, you can control your home with the assistance of Alexa.

Does Example Work with Google Assistant?

Yes, Brinks items work with Google Assistant, too. Google Assistant is actually built-in. To provide Google Assistant with the required access to the security system, do the following:

  • Ask Google Assistant to speak with Alarm.com (the app of Brinks). This action activates Alarm.com;
  • Login in to your Alarm.com account with your login data;
  • Perform syncing Alarm.com with Google Assistant.

Now, request Google Assistant to handle simple tasks for you.

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