Helping Your Family Stay Safe Online with HomeNet Router

Nowadays, our children are engaging in the world of technology younger than ever. They have been born into a world of Internet enabled devices literally at their fingertips. Mom’s smartphone or Dad’s iPad are easily maneuvered by clumsy toddler hands with proficient accuracy. There are tons of apps geared toward a spectrum of age groups including toddlers, school age children, and teens. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are being used by kids (with or without their parent’s permission) despite privacy policies specifically stating users must be a certain age. It’s easy for kids to find themselves in dangerous situations amidst all this technology that is readily available and as parents it’s our job to help guide them and protect them.  One of the things that we question as parents and struggle with is keeping our children safe on the Internet.

child with phone

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Prayers for Newtown, CT & Victims of Sandy Hook Tragedy

Today, at 9:30 AM on December 21st we honor and remember the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school in a national moment of silence and prayer. We are asking our readers to join us and spend several minutes reflecting quietly or in prayer and take a five minute pause from all online activity.

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My Internet is Slow Woes: Slow Internet Despite Best Broadband Service

I’m glad I picked up the phone last night. Usually the ringer on our house phone is turned off because we never use it anyways. When my son was an infant we made the habit of keeping the house phone’s ringer turned off so as not to wake our sleeping angel who was easily awakened by loud obnoxious noises such as the trilling of a phone. Besides, everyone that’s important knows to call our cellphones and it’s not like we were missing any significant calls. Our home phone had become the junk mail folder in our email—littered with spam and telemarketers.

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Netflix Nation: Keeping Up With Demand

Days of renting movies the traditional way, as in physically getting in your car and driving to a video store to rent a movie, sound ancient. It’s likely my son will never know what a video rental store is and that’s okay with me because it’s been replaced with on-demand streaming from providers such as Netflix.  Even though video rental giant Block Buster maintains retail stores– they still exist, I know because I’m pretty sure I saw one recently, and I googled it just in case—they have also offered video streaming subscription for some time. The convenience that on demand video streaming provides and the easy accessibility due to low cost and equipment we already have has revolutionized our at home (or on the go) entertainment. It’s easier than ever to watch the latest releases without ever leaving your couch.

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It’s 2012- Why aren’t Americans Voting online?

Millions of Americans depend on the Internet to pay bills, communicate with friends and family, share pictures of their loved ones, conduct business, and even order dinner from the convenience of their computer, smartphone, or tablet. It’s 2012 and many of us, myself included, take advantage of the convenience that technology and broadband Internet provides on a daily basis for routine tasks such as reading the news or handling our finances via online banking.  One thing we aren’t doing online—voting. With the national presidential election already decided- the looming question is why aren’t we voting online? And if we could vote online, how many of us would?

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The Problem with Wi-Fi/Internet Speed & the HomeNet Solution

The Internet is soooo slow! It’s a phrase heard often in my house, despite being an AT&T U-verse subscriber, which provides us with fiber-to-the home, virtually the “fastest internet” that money can buy for home usage. So what gives?

Even though Internet Service Providers such as Comcast and Verizon are scrambling to offer their residential customers upgraded packages toting “faster Internet” with increased broadband speeds of up to 305 megabits per second (Mbps), it isn’t always a solution to the “my internet is running slow” woes. It’s more like sticking a Band-Aid on it when it really needs stitches.

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Superstorm Sandy Devastates East Coast

Last week Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc on the East Coast causing loss of life, destruction, massive electricity outages, and misplaced victims of the storm.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of our East Coast friends and family affected by Hurricane Sandy. We know that it’s not just the initial striking of the hurricane that is troublesome- it’s the aftermath of the storm and the recovery process that are difficult as victims attempt to get their lives back together and return to some normalcy. Things we take for granted everyday, basic necessities– food, water, a place to sleep, the warmth and comfort that heating and shelter provide, as well as fuel for our vehicles and the option of public transportation become much more precious during natural disasters as Hurricane Sandy when they are not always readily available. There’s also the inability to communicate with friends and family when charging a cellphone can be a challenge, much less connecting to the Internet or watching the news. Often it is those affected by the storm that are left in the dark, literally, and the feeling can be daunting.

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The Mesh Networks Blog is Live & HomeNet Router to Make Debut at WISPAPALOOZA!

Hello, world.

The Mesh Networks blog is born! It’s our blog-birthday and we’re celebrating with birthday cake for everyone. No, not really. But wouldn’t that be awesome?

My name is Angela Morales and I’ll be blogging for The Mesh Network and serving as your virtual tour guide to the goings on of the company. We have so much to share with you and can’t wait to let you know what we’ve been up to lately.

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