The Problem with Wi-Fi/Internet Speed & the HomeNet Solution

The Internet is soooo slow! It’s a phrase heard often in my house, despite being an AT&T U-verse subscriber, which provides us with fiber-to-the home, virtually the “fastest internet” that money can buy for home usage. So what gives?

Even though Internet Service Providers such as Comcast and Verizon are scrambling to offer their residential customers upgraded packages toting “faster Internet” with increased broadband speeds of up to 305 megabits per second (Mbps), it isn’t always a solution to the “my internet is running slow” woes. It’s more like sticking a Band-Aid on it when it really needs stitches.

Unfortunately, it’s the usage of Wi-Fi networks and their underperforming routers, as well as our gaggle of Wi-Fi devices that depend on them for an Internet connection, that are severely undermining efforts to increase Internet speed. That’s where our intelligent HomeNet routers come in to save the day and your sanity if you are tired of hitting speedbumps. First, let’s talk a little more about the likely speed problems that you may be experiencing at home.

As most of us have migrated to using Wi-Fi networks in the home to connect to the Internet, we have also grown our family of Wi-Fi using devices– laptops, computers, gaming systems, smart phones, iPads, iPhones, iPods, iNeedFasterInternet. Each of these devices need a wireless connection. Add up the devices per family member and it’s no wonder why your network is bogged down and your Internet is running slow. I counted nine in my household alone (two adults and one toddler). How many wireless devices do you have in your home?

Another factor includes user-specific problems that slow down Internet speeds. You may live with a bandwidth hog that can often be found downloading entire seasons of their favorite television shows on a regular basis. Sharing a wireless connection on your home network can be as troublesome as that horrible college roommate you are still trying to forget.

Tips to Maximize Your Internet Speed

More of a marketing scheme than anything, advertised Mbps are not always real work expectations. Most routers, especially older models, are not capable of producing the same results advertised by Internet Service Providers. The 300 Mbps previously mentioned is a huge difference from the average 54-90 Mbps that the average router found in households can actually obtain. In fact, Dr. Alex Hills, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, estimates that “most customers get little more than 50% of the capacity promised by their Wi-Fi routers”. That speed is even worse if multiple people are using a network, which is typical in any household.

Test your Internet Speed on and find out for yourself numerical results of your broadband speed and how they compare to the package promised by your Internet service provider. You may be surprised that you aren’t getting what you thought you were paying for.

For more tips on how to increase your Internet Speed click Tips for Increasing Internet Speed.

How HomeNet Helps

HomeNet wireless routers can help you manage your home network by providing an easy way to manage your bandwidth. It offers a way for you to control all the wired/wireless devices and users on your network and allocate bandwidth accordingly. Finally, a way to control your bandwidth hog and prioritize the bandwidth needs in your home throughout the day. One of the main issues with normal routers is that they do not make it easy to control the way bandwidth is used in our home. Most users are unable to even find out what is causing their Internet speed to run slow- how much bandwidth is being used and who is using it- because there is no way for them to view the delegation of bandwidth in their home. Unlike normal routers, as shown in the example below, HomeNet provides visual reporting graphs of bandwidth usage in your home per network user and wireless device, and more importantly a way to control and delegate the bandwidth as desired. Imagine managing your bandwidth from an app on your smartphone or tablet? It’s now possible with our intelligent HomeNet routers!

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