The Mesh Networks Attends WISPAPALOOZA


The Mesh Neworks @ WISPAPALOOZA

Last week The Mesh Networks attended the WISPAPALOOZA conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was an exciting event for us as we got to demonstrate our bandwidth management products including the new HomeNet and BizNet intelligent routers to many industry WISP also attending the conference.

Raving About Routers (HomeNet & BizNet)

Our line of products, especially the HomeNet and BizNet routers, were well-received by attendees and the feedback was extremely positive. Many of the WISP at the conference that we spoke with expressed a growing customer concern for increased bandwidth and “faster internet”. Our intelligent routers offer solutions that will directly improve the services they are able to provide to their customers. They also help solve an increasing industry concern for the challenge in giving customers what they want “on demand” by allowing the customers themselves to manage their bandwidth at home, so that they can tailor their bandwidth to fit their own specific needs. It’s a dream come true for customers to have this ability as well as for providers to give their customers this option. Mesh Networks President Leon Hubby fills us in on which of our products was the most popular and why,

“The thing most WISP providers were excited about was Mesh’s HomeNet and BizNet intelligent routers.  This gave the WISP the opportunity to directly offer a way for their customers to manage their own bandwidth and put it where they wanted it, when they wanted it there- something they said their customers were asking for.”

Feedback from ISP

What exactly did Internet service providers have to say about HomeNet? From the major groups of ISP’s that provide service across the United States, their overall reaction to HomeNet was outstanding. As Mesh Networks Vice President of Business Development, Brian Foley, points out, the most notable and consistent response from the ISPs was the “disbelief that a home wireless router was capable of the type of bandwidth management that the HomeNet router provides. This was closely followed by accolades on the App operating on tablets and Smart Phones and how easy it will be for users to manage their own home networks.”

Not only is HomeNet easy for customers to use and manage, more importantly, it provides a clearcut answer to a major obstacle in the ISP industry– HomeNet solves the problem where end-users do not currently have the ability to know how much bandwidth is being used or who exactly is using it. You can’t control a bandwidth hog, if you can’t identify it first.  In fact, many of the ISP in attendance expressed that the inability for customers to know how their bandwidth was being used at home as a major concern.

Customers pay providers for Internet service with selected packages of various bandwidth speeds and they expect to see similar results and get what they paid for. Complaints about service become inevitable when a network is being bogged down by too many users, devices, or a good ‘ole bandwidth hog. For example, Brian Foley was able to hear some firsthand stories from several ISP that mentioned they receive “many calls a day that come into their help desks where the subscribers complain about their service – only to find out that someone else in the household is consistently using most of the available connection.” The HomeNet router is able to alleviate this specific issue with its ability to allow users to see “a real-time graph of all the devices using their network and then manage the allocation of bandwidth to each device.” Additionally, “the ability to automatically transition from various “scenes” to give different devices such as work versus entertainment priority and higher bandwidth as the needs change during the day” was highly praised.

Intelligent routers aside, as Leon Hubby noticed, some of our other Mesh Networks family of products, specifically, Net Profit and Quota Defender, also sparked an interest with the WISP attendees who were both surprised and excited to discover “that both Net Profit and Quota Defender are excellent tools to use to maximize their customer’s Quality of Service and overall Quality of Experience.” Of course it didn’t hurt that at the same time it would also help the WISP “contain their cost in servicing the ever-growing customer desire for bandwidth.”

As we approach the launch of bringing HomeNet and BizNet routers to market, we are thrilled about the positive feedback from our industry peers who recognize the innovative functionality in our intelligent routers that are beneficial to both customers and providers. We can’t help but feel that we are on to something and that there are plenty willing and waiting to offer their wholehearted endorsement. Brian said it best below.

“After two weeks of presenting HomeNet to some of the most experienced individuals in the ISP industry it is clear that MESH Networks has hit a need in the industry with a product that is right on target. The next couple of months are loaded with anticipation and excitement as we bring HomeNet to market. This is going to be a fun ride!”

-Brian Foley


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