Prayers for Newtown, CT & Victims of Sandy Hook Tragedy

Today, at 9:30 AM on December 21st we honor and remember the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary school in a national moment of silence and prayer. We are asking our readers to join us and spend several minutes reflecting quietly or in prayer and take a five minute pause from all online activity.

It’s been exactly one week since the tragic school shootings that took place at Sandy Hooks Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Twenty children, all ages six and seven, lost their lives along with six faculty members. Nearby, the mother of the killer lay dead in her home at the hands of her own son.

Across America, the nation watched on in shock as we learned details of the horrible events that unfolded at an elementary school filled with innocent children. The world sent their condolences. We all mourned with the families who lost loved ones who were so needlessly taken from them. We hugged our children a little more tightly and made sure to say, “I love you” to those that mean the most.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to remain with the families affected by this tragedy, those that witnessed this incredible act of violence and those who survived it, the first responders who likely prevented even more loss of life, the clergy and town leaders who struggled to find words of consolation, and the entire town of Newtown, CT.

May they find peace to carry on and be comforted in knowing they are being remembered in the hearts of so many during this difficult time.

In the coming days, as we try to find answers to what went wrong- we will also search for ways to prevent tragedies such as this one from occurring. With hope, we can come together and find meaningful solutions that will better our society and provide a safer place for our children, our future. May God comfort all who have been deeply affected by this tragedy.

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