Helping Your Family Stay Safe Online with HomeNet Router

Nowadays, our children are engaging in the world of technology younger than ever. They have been born into a world of Internet enabled devices literally at their fingertips. Mom’s smartphone or Dad’s iPad are easily maneuvered by clumsy toddler hands with proficient accuracy. There are tons of apps geared toward a spectrum of age groups including toddlers, school age children, and teens. Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are being used by kids (with or without their parent’s permission) despite privacy policies specifically stating users must be a certain age. It’s easy for kids to find themselves in dangerous situations amidst all this technology that is readily available and as parents it’s our job to help guide them and protect them.  One of the things that we question as parents and struggle with is keeping our children safe on the Internet.

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It has become commonplace for us to turn to the Internet for answers. A simple Google search provides a myriad of possibilities and a wealth of knowledge, but it doesn’t provide the guarantee that the information is filtered for all audiences or that any found resources will be used responsibly. It’s up to us to help guide our children in their Internet usage, and give ourselves the tools to monitor their choices. Besides talking with our children about Internet safety and teaching them how to be safe online, we can monitor our home networks with IP and website tracking to ensure that they are surfing safely. The fact is that the Internet is often used for a means of expression, a source of information, and a way to communicate with others and it’s often in ways that kids don’t want their parents knowing about.

Monitoring Internet usage on your home network is one of the ways that we can effectively monitor what websites are being visited, but it hasn’t always been this easy. The technology in the HomeNet intelligent router allows you to review the history of every site visited by any device on your network and from the convenience of your own device. All HomeNet Routers are equipped with basic IP and Website tracking for devices connected to your network. No additional software is needed to take advantage of this feature. The technology is built in the HomeNet Router giving you the control to monitor your home network accordingly. The tracking feature works cohesively with the ability to create profiles for each device connected to your network as well as usage tracking, scheduling, and remote accessibility which gives you even more options to manage and monitor your network and its users. This means that you can ensure your children are surfing safely and that you can communicate with them before problems arise. This is an important resource for parents who want to be involved in the way their children are interacting online, monitor what websites they are visiting, and even what keyword searches they are doing on the Internet. Part of protecting your children when it comes to Internet safety is knowing what they are interested in and prevent dangerous situations before they happen.  It seems natural as parents for us to want to protect our children especially when we can do something about it and the HomeNet Router allow us to implement Internet safety in our household in a convenient manner that is both easy to use and effective at ensuring our children are staying safe on the Internet. That’s something every parent can appreciate.

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