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Bandwidth Management is Essential for Work-at-Home Families

Bandwidth Management is Essential

It’s becoming a new normal to work from home. As more people find themselves telecommuting, the need for well-equipped home offices has become increasingly important. The need for Internet connectivity to communicate, maintain workflow and conduct virtual meetings, training, seminars, etc. has become crucial for these individuals to continue a working-at-home career.  Continue reading

4 Steps to Boosting Your Home Wi-Fi

Frustrations!Most of us could use a little more patience. Except when it comes to Internet speed, then being patient just becomes obnoxious. The days of Dial-up connection are far behind us and may the modems and AOL discs rest in peace. Smooth, fast Internet connection. It’s one of life’s little luxuries that we oftentimes take for granted – until the speed starts to slow, our patience dwindles, and we wonder,  “How can anyone live with slow internet?” or worse none at all.

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The HomeNet™ Router is Enriching Internet Usage for All

Octogenarians are Internet savvy!

Octogenarians are Internet savvy!

Who doesn’t love the Internet? It’s ability to connect people and offer a way of communication among family and friends or even strangers is invaluable. Now, more than ever people are taking advantage of social networks such as Facebook and connecting with each other through games like Candy Crush, FarmVille, and many other social games that provide hours of entertainment and stimulation, but more importantly the friendships they are creating and nurturing promote emotional stimulation beyond measure. The technology gap is shrinking among generations. Grandma on Facebook is a new reality in today’s world and rightly so as it’s the elderly that can benefit from having Internet access the most.

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The HomeNet™ Router Home Automation Feature: The Affordable Way to Make Your Home Smarter

Remote home controlHome Automation technology is making our homes smarter by adding convenience and practicality to our lives as well as providing eco-friendly features, but it often comes with the hefty price tag of provider service packages. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way! With the HomeNet™ Router, you can skip expensive service plans and can opt to control your home’s automation technology yourself. You have the ability to add new controls, new features, and new equipment without having to call a service provider and pay expensive set up fees per function.

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The HomeNet™ Router Revolutionizing Smart Homes of the Future

HomeAutomation_ROUNDA houseplant that sends you a text message when it needs to be watered. It’s an email reminder to change the cat’s litter box or feed the dog. The luxury of turning on the AC or heater a few minutes before your arrival so that you are greeted with your perfect climate controlled setting when you get home. It’s the ability to monitor your home while at work or out of town. No, these scenarios aren’t from an episode of The Jetson’s. These products and technology are readily available to consumers and are the foundation for our well-equipped smart homes of the not so far off future.

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God Bless West, Texas

God Bless West, Texas

We are saddened by the devastating events that took place yesterday in West, Texas when a fertilizer plant exploded and wreaked havoc on this small town.

We send all our thoughts and prayers to the community of West, Texas and we are sending our love and support for you in this difficult time.

It’s been a tough week in America and we continue to pray for those in Boston and for those in our in our home state of Texas who have been affected by the events in West, Texas.

Please take a moment to pray or think about the families and friends affected by these tragedies.

For Donations:

To Donate to the Red Cross of Central Texas click here.

For other ways to donate, read here for more information.

From CNN- Disaster in Texas: How to Help

Sending Our Love to Boston

Tribute to Boston (Photo: Angela S. Morales)

Tribute to Boston (Photo: Angela S. Morales)

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the city of Boston during this tragic time.

We are keeping the victims and all those family and friends affected by the devastating act of terrorism that took place at The Boston Marathon in our prayers. As the city celebrated Patriots’ Day, a state holiday in Massachusetts, thousands participated in the traditional marathon held on this day and thousands more came out to show their support. The bombings that interrupted the marathon took the lives of at least three innocent people and caused injury to many more.

Although we do not know who or why, we join the rest of our nation in sending our support to Boston and hope they can find comfort in knowing that we are here.

May God bless and keep Boston.

US Average of Internet Connected Devices on the Rise: National Average is 5.7 devices per Household

How many devices do you have?

We are staying connected at home and on the go more than ever. A surprising new statistic by the NPD Group states that the national average for homes with Internet-connected devices is a whopping 5.7 devices per household in the United States. This is an increase from just three months ago when the average was 5.3 devices per household. That’s a lot of connectivity and when you count the Internet-connected devices in your own household it may not be that surprising after all. I counted at least twelve in my household of just two adults and one toddler. How many do you have?

The firm defined Internet-connected devices as any of your devices with Internet capability and can include any of the following: computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, HDTVs, Blu-ray disc players, video game consoles, and streaming media set top boxes.  Both smartphones and tablets saw a significant increase with increased usage in Internet connected households and are expected to continue to rise in the coming months.

Although computers won’t be leaving households anytime soon, smartphones and tablets per household are quickly outnumbering PCs. John Buffone, the direct of devices at NPD Connected Intelligence, explains “ When you look at the combined number of smartphones and tablets consumers own, for the first time ever it exceeded the installed base of computers.” Smartphones increased by about 9 million and tablets gained nearly 18 million in the last three months. Apple and Samsung brands remained at the top of their market for US consumers.

Household Penetration Trend

The increase in smartphones and tablets as consumers become more connected naturally also increases the number of connected devices in an Internet-connected household. Of course, this increase could have gotten a large boost from wish lists for Santa and holiday shopping sales, but numbers are expected to rise indefinitely. With the low cost of tablets and smartphones when compared to PCs, it’s much more affordable to own these devices per family member. Streaming is also on the rise, as seen in Netflix’s percentage of Internet usage from its subscribers. The increase in Internet-connected devices per household also means that the way we actually connect to the net via our ISP and hardware are becoming equally important for a successful connection and an enjoyable experience. Bombarding our home network with at least 5.7 or maybe 10.2 devices is not that far-fetched and our ability to control, monitor, and tailor our Internet usage to the specific needs of our family is becoming vital. It’s easy to let your network be taken over by a streaming-happy bandwidth hog and not so easy to control or prevent that from happening when you need full-throttle uninterrupted Internet the most. The HomeNet™ Intelligent Router delivers the tools that we need to wrangle our family’s devices and maximize our connectivity with exciting features that allow scheduling, prioritizing, monitoring, and the ability to set up user profiles per device for each of our family member’s needs. You can make the most of your connectivity and also make sure that you are really getting what you are paying your ISP for when it comes to connectivity and speed.

Pre-order the HomeNet™ router here.

Teens Drug Parents for More Time on the Internet: How The HomeNet Router Can Help


A teenage girl sweetly offered to buy milkshakes for her parents. Chocolate for Dad and vanilla for mom. Sadly these milkshakes were spiked with sleep-inducingpharmaceuticals. Why on earth would a teenager drug their parents to make them fall asleep? To get more time on the Internet of course! True story. These are the stories that no matter how bizarre they sound make us question the reality we live in and what we can do to prevent them in our own lives. Continue reading